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I'll admit it... I had a hard time with this one. I wasn't sure whether to use him or not (especially since he has that weird haircut that's long and short at the same time)... but I had to pick him in the end. If I am wrong for this one, may I become the victim of a really nasty genjutsu.
Anyway, about Psycho-Pass's Shogo Makishima...
First, let's get the obvious out of the way... the man is sexy and everything he does reeks of seduction and pheromones. Moving on...
Other than that, I find him to be really intelligent... he has this kind of dark insight into the world, and I find myself agreeing with a lot of what he says. (Not everything, but a lot.)
Not to mention... the man reads books. I love a man that likes to read.
And before I forget to mention it... combat skills.
Strong, smart, and sexy... the perfect man.

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totally agree on all accounts! I have a special kind of love for characters like Makishima! nice pick!