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Hey everyone!!! I am happy to announce that I'm Mod Support for B.A.P again this quarter!
I'll be representing Youngjae again, only this time Jongup will be joining!! I'll be bringing them to you every Monday! I'm so excited to be with the boys again this quarter! Thanks @MaeLyn for keeping me on the squad! :)

About Me:

~My name is Erica. You can call me Erica or Cha. Either is fine!
~I am 21 years old, born in 1995.
~I have previously been the Day6 and Madtown Moderator's but this quarter I am not a Mod.
~My favorite groups are VIXX, NCT, Pentagon, BTS, Astro, and I could literally go on forever...
~My ultimate bias is Cha Hakyeon/N!!
~I am also Mod support for Astro, SF9, Pentagon, VIXX, Monsta X, Day6, Victon, and Up10tion!

About Youngjae:

Birth Name: Yoo Young Jae
Stage Name: Youngjae
Birth Date: January 24, 1994
Birth Place: Seoul
Matoki: Jokomato
Position: Lead Vocalist
Blood Type: AB
Height: 178 cm
Other Facts:
-If B.A.P were a family, he says he'd be the mom.
-His favorite color is sky blue.
-He doesn't want his future girlfriend to wear revealing clothing.
-If he could be another member he'd be Zelo.
-He has an older brother.

About Jongup:

Birth Name: Moon Jong Up
Stage Name: Jongup
Birth Date: February 6th, 1995
Matoki: Dadamoto
Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist
Blood Type: B
Height: 176 cm
Other Facts:
-If BAP were a family he'd be the second oldest son.
-His favorite color is black.
-He doesn't have an ideal type but he'd like her to be older than him.
-He has two older brothers.
-If he could be another member he'd be Zelo (because Zelo is the tallest.)

If you haven't already joined the BAP Community you should!
You can do so by clicking -->Here<--

Matoki Team:
Baby Taglist:

If you'd like to be tagged or un-tagged please let us know!
If you have changed usernames please let us know as well!
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I'll be looking forward to your cards this Quarter 😊
I'm looking forward to making them!!!