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I'm so excited to be your Q2 moderator. I hope we can have a great quarter!!
Welcome to another quarter with me as your moderator! For those that don't know me, I'm Dani! I love being the moderator for the EXO community so very much! Especially when it comes to newbies! I'm always here for you guys. A little about me. 😸I'm old! LOL I'm always the oldest out of any group of kpop friends. I'm 33!
😸Me on the inside colorful, silly,fangirl that most people don't see. I'm quiet with most people and I internalize my fangirl.
Me and not just in public lol. 😸I have had cancer twice ! 😸I love cats ! I have 8 ! 😸I'm obsessed with penguins
I got to pet this beautiful baby!
I have penguin stuffed animals. There are more than those. They are all over my house. I even keep one in my purse that one of my best friends gave me. I also have penguin jewelry, blankets and even a penguin soap dispenser. 😸I've been married for 14 years. Yes if you are quick with math , I got married at 19 and have never regretted it. My husband is my favorite person in the world.
Those BLUE eyes SNATCHED me up!
Took me forever to get him to sit still for that. And yes we are wearing matching shirts. We have several. 😸I met my best friends and partners in crime right here on Vingle
@SugaKookieV and @SweetDuella love you girls! 💖🐼🐯🐧💖 Beagle Sisters Forever! 😸Not far behind them are @AimeeH and @XergaB20. Some day girls ! More thankful that I can ever say to have you in my life. Now to the fun and not mushy stuff. 😸I'm multifandom! But my UB group is obviously EXO ! 😸EXO bias is a hard question. I like to say I love EXO like I love my cats, I love them all, just some more than others. But if I was FORCED to pick a bias ...
CHANSOO!!! Kyungsoo is an amazing singer and Chanyeol is an awesome rapper and musician. I admire them both so much musically. 😸 My UB across all of Kpop that will NEVER change ....
Do Kyungsoo!!! He will always look like that to me so seeing him all grown up is stressful LOL
The fact that he enjoys cooking and it seems to make him happy to make food for people. I LOVE. I'm the same way. Cooking relaxes me and too see people enjoying my food makes my heart happy.
That smile and laugh!
The fact that he has more talent in his little finger than I do in my whole body is admirable. His voice is so beautiful to me and very relaxing.
And don't get me started on his acting 😻 GUIDELINES
If you don't want to be like Chanyeol, make sure follow these guidelines. Kidding, you know I love you guys ✔️Make sure you put warning on ALL fanfics with mature content. ✔️Only post relevant to this community cards. ✔️Please treat each other like the family that we are. ✔️If you are having any issues with anyone PM me anytime if you need to. ✔️HAVE FUN!!!!!!! The squad and I are already working hard on challenges,games and events to make this a great Q2.
Love you guys!!!
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