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N Is Confirmed For Tunnel (K-drama) Again
So it was previously announced that Hakyeon wouldn't be in the drama but it seems he will be appearing in it afterall.
I hope his schedule isn't too packed but I'm really excited that he is appearing in the drama. He is said to play a cop in the drama so I'm ecstatic to see how his acting will be!
So everyone when he does make his appearance let's cheer him on!!

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Tag me please?
6 months agoReply
Sure thing!
6 months ago
I hope he continue in the show. It's really good 馃槉
6 months agoReply
Me too! I think he will!
6 months ago
4 episodes aND maybe a total of 3 minutes.of N.
6 months agoReply
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SPOILER - Honestly, it doesn't look like he is going to survive long in the drama.
6 months ago
ooooo gotta add to my ever growing watch list
5 months agoReply
It's really good so far. He's not in it a whole lot. But his character seems to be important!
5 months ago
well I'm down for it if it's a good one. he brightened up Hotel King, even though he was just a bell boy.
5 months agoReply
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I'm looking forward to seeing this side of his acting skills.
5 months ago