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He had raced across the city. He was mad as hell at his manager. He was going to get his noona and confront the boss with her by his side. He didn't understand what that damn girl meant when she said, ‘the manager will make sure of it’. What was the manager and that girl up to? Whatever it is, he’s going to put a stop to it before it got any further, he wasn't going to let them get the upper hand.

He leapt up the stairs to their place, to his home away from home. He pulled his key out, without much effort, the key went into the lock perfectly, turned and the door opened. It was a seamless act he practiced every time. He called out to her but got no answer. He looked at the bed, it looked as though it hadn't been slept in. He looked in the little bathroom, no one. He called her phone, no answer.

He stood in the middle of the little apartment. Wondering where had she gone so late at night. He wanted to tell her what had happened. He wanted to go right away to his boss with her but she was nowhere to be found. He sat down on the couch to wait for her return. He seen her book lying on the floor and picked it up. He skimmed it and started reading from the middle.

After a while, he fell asleep.

He woke up to the sound of the neighbors making noise next door. The all too familiar sound of grunting and moaning, a bed bumping the wall softly, then the rhythm getting faster, the bump turning into slams. It made his groin start to ache.

He rolled off the couch, staring into the dark corner where their bed sat empty. He pulled his phone out and called her, not even a ring, just straight to voicemail. He texted her but it bounced back undelivered. Finally he seen a crumpled up piece of paper lying on the floor. He uncrumpled it, it read 'I warned you’.

He started to worry.

He tried not to think about it, he tried to tell himself that she went out, her friend talked her into it, she over did it and probably passed out at her friend's house and her phone died. He looked down at the street, hoping to see her coming, so he could go down and scold her, wrap his arms around her knowing she was safe, that she made it home safe.

He called her phone again but nothing.

Looking at the note, he called his manager, he knew his manager had something to do with this but there was no answer.

“This can't be happening” he said to himself.

He waited all day, he called her all day. He called his hyung, hoping he heard from her but nothing. His heart dropped.

His phone started to ring, he answered even though he didn't know the number.

“Where are you?” the unfamiliar female voice asked.

“Who is this?”

She huffed, “Darling, you should save my number that way you know it's me. Where are you?”

He was annoyed, his eyes narrowed at the  thought of her having his number, “Why are you calling me? I never gave you permission to.”

“Your manager said it was okay, are you going to come out? I would like to go to lunch with you.”

He leapt up and went to the window. He looked down at the street and seen that little wench standing down below, leaning against his car. She was looking up, he stepped back.

“I'm busy. I'm with my girlfriend, my REAL girlfriend. So go away.” He hung up. He peeked down and seen her tapping at her screen. A second later he got a text message.

“Come down. Don't make me come up there...I know you're up there alone”

“I'm busy.” He texted back.

When he looked back down, she was gone. He ran to the door and peeked out. He could her someone coming up the stairs. He slipped out the door, locked it, and quickly went down the hall. He knocked on the last door, an old woman answered. He smiled ever so sweetly and asked if she had a phone he could use to call a taxi. She looked at him for a long time, then he pulled out his wallet, got some cash out and gave it to her. She smiled and let him in. She showed him where the phone was. He picked it and dialed any number. He stood pretending to wait. He hung up and tried again. He waited. He could hear someone pounding on a door and then someone yelling. The old woman asked if everything was okay before going out to see what the ruckus was about.

He hung the phone up, listening to the neighbors getting mad at someone. He heard a small voice apologizing saying she was looking for her boyfriend who’s been staying there with another woman. The neighbor laughed at her, calling her a fool for dating someone who's cheating on her and then told her to leave. The old woman came back. He pretended to be telling someone the address and then hung up.

“Thank you for letting me use your phone.” He bowed to her and was ready to leave.

“Is that girl really your girlfriend?” The old woman asked.

“No. She just wants to be. I love someone already.”

The old woman smiled, “You're very handsome, I bet a lot of young girls want to be your girlfriend.” she showed him the door, “but you're better with that woman.”

He smiled at her as he went out.

He went back to the apartment and waited.

Night came, he was tearing his hair out with worry. She wasn't back and that stupid little girl was prowling around outside waiting for him... "This really can't be happening"

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omg!!! That heifer is something else!! wow! Ooohhhh maybe he should call the paparazzi on Her, saying she is trying to chase a married man. lmaooooooo oh please get to your noona!!