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http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/empress/preview/index.html Don't know 'bout you folks but following/watching "MHIYD" and "the stares", oops sorry, "the heirs" is a bit much for me, considering it's at 5pm in Dubai if i want to watch the simulcast. [the danger being, no eng subtitles and my imagined storyline often, well ... sorry for the off tangent rant.] But, don't let me stop you from adding this series to your line-up. Empress Ki stars Ha JiWon ... need i say more!! click on link above for preview, happy watching!!
looking forward to this drama :) can't wait for the english subs on this...great actors and storyline
hope so.. love her recaps..
maybe koalasplayground.com will do a recap..
love ha ji won specially in an action drama or romcom... yes u said it right.. if it's ha ji won nothing can go wrong.. yeah.. the stares.. lol.. all LMH does is stare at CES... but i love it... do u know if anyone is doing a recap for this drama? let me know.. thanks.. ^^