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I have literally did every possible diet but of course they never worked, which means that I always suffered from the so called 'yo-yo effect'. But I have found this...
It's a (quite costly) for a 90 day program but hey, I have invested so much money on cheap things that never work so... it was worth my money and I can prove it like this!
The shake helps you not only to be full so you can control your portions but inside it has all the nutrients we can't intake from what we eat. The supplements actually help gain muscle and control your urge to binge! I didn't even go to the gym much and I look so toned.. the program is like running on a flat escalator. It helps you achieve results faster than going to the gym everyday and eating only veggies and chicken breast. and look! There's more before and after pictures of me!!
I was sooo proud..
The product is called TR90 by Pharmanex. It's a company that found the actual cause of aging (called ageloc technology) and helps you not only to be more healthy but younger!!
TR90 is not a magic wand.. still need to exercise to be fit!! My whole family is doing the TR90 program :) Please diet in a healthy way.. Feel free to message if you're interested or have any questions.
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