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Hey there lovelies! This quarter I shall be your guide through the lovely city of Key in the magical world of SHINee (I promise I'm sane) Let's get to know each other before we take off on our trip.

A little about me:

(I'm the potato on the left)
I am a culinary major at The Art Institute of Virginia
This dork is my Ultimate bias (and future husband)
Jonkey is life!
Let me know a little about yourselves and let's have fun together. Tell me any suggestions or requests you have.

SHINee Squad:

Shawol Fam:

(Ask to be added)
He is cute and so funny!
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And it was nice to meet you. I am ready to play!
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I can't wait to see your cards! I also love this idol! He's my SHINee bias! Yet I feel like he is wanted by many, so, I prefer to keep my distance.
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