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Yep yep! Can you believe it, these girls are so popular that over in China where everything K pop is supposed to be banned, Well these girls made quite an influence as they are getting copied by another group called "LipBubble" and a couple advertisements that look so similar to Knock knock.

2 videos included!
(I gotta give off a positive twist out of what seems like a negative)

So let's start with the the group LipBubble they are a 7 member group, recently they came out with a MV for their song 'Popcorn' and it looks way to similar to one of twices video's, . . . . can you guess which one?
Yup that's right, but that's not all, take a look!
Its not just from one song now is it! that top photo of LipBubble looks like some Knock Knock moves.

If you check out LipBubble Dance practice you can see just what it looks like!
(gotta admit somewhat of a catchy tune, but so is Knock knock lol)

The mv of popcorn taking on cheer up concept.
Alright Now into next part! The advertising. Sadly I can't find the advertisement picture China used, however I got the article describing it

Looks like its not just Twice getting plagerized , a couple other people are too, bad China bad! lol.

Okaies that's all of Twice news today! See you around!


Fam tag! For everything!

Okay I just listened to the song and it's a good song. I don't see why they need to plagiarize 😆.
lol it is a good song, the dance and concept of video just isn't original. The group could do so well . hmm I wonder if its a sceme to get people to notice their group
I thought at first "lip bubble" was a kind group not a Chinese one. I'm guessing that's why the hallyu wave was banned so they could shamelessly plagiarize the groups 🤦🏻‍♀️.
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Think your right on why hallyu was banned so China could make their own groups. so so shameful.
I never really understood the Hallyu thing. Why is it banned in China? And their singing in Korean, I was expecting Chinese.
Added second lipbubble video 😊😅
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