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"We're sorry sir, we did everything we could do to save her."
At that the weeping man's head shoots up.
"YOU DIDN'T TRY HARD ENOUGH!" At that he storms off and out of the hospital.

Walking aimlessly the broken man kicks a pebble as he goes. Finally after walking for who knows how long he stops and looks up.

Finally realizing where he is.
The place where the best moments of his life would start
Her favorite bookstore.
It was a quaint little place with an out Door reading area with beautiful plants during the summer. She always loved to come here with him when he wasn't working it was 'their spot'. And now it was just his .

Y/N was gone forever and the person who did this to her is no where to be found.
The police and the company are still looking but there had been no break throughs on the case.

Now he had a memorial and funeral to prepare for. He left with his memories and tears back to the place where his heart was shattered.

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