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Babyz I am happy to say I am back to help support the wonderful Boyz of B.a.p ♡ Unlike last Quarter I won't be covering Uppie. This time I will be in charge of Kim Himchan, and Bang Yongguk ^_^ * but I will make his intro on Friday*.

A little bit about me.
- My name is Samantha but I go by Sam.
- I'm a single mom of 2 little kpopers
-I was born in December of 92
- My ultimate bias is the one and only Bang Yongguk ♡♡♡♡
- My ultimate group is B.a.p ♡ followed closely by ikon.
- I am also helping the ikon community, and knk community so be sure to check those out as well ♡
Now a little bit about Himi

Real Name: Kim Himchan (김힘찬) Nickname: Fan fool (Someone who only thinks about fans) Birthdate: April 19th, 1990 Height: 180cm Weight: 69kg Blood Type: O Hometown: Seoul Family: Parents, Older Sister Position: Sub-Vocalist, Visual Bunny Color: Pink Hobbies: Shopping Skills: Guitar, Playing traditional korean instruments, MC Personality: Gentle and against war, a pacifist. Cheerful and sometimes not so much. Role Model: Doesn’t have one, he wants to make himself one. Usual Fashion Style: Colorful Street, English fashion Frequent Habit: Calculating how much he ate in a day, thinking of a melody and making a song out of it. Favorite Food: Japanese Food (Sushi, Sashimi) Favorite Type of Music: Urban, R&B Favorite Color: Black, Gold, Red, Sky Blue(**most recent info**) Favorite Movie: “Wish”, “Breathless”, “A Bittersweet Life”, “I’m Going To Meet Her Now” Favorite Number: 1 Motto: “And when you need to rest, rest. Always do your best.” B.A.P to you is? “Family. Although there are times when they do whatever they want, I can feel that we all cherish each other greatly.”

•He’s a caffeine addict. He claims to drink 4 venti sizes of coffee a day and he likes Americanos. •His ideal type is a “woman who is kindhearted and nice.” He believes that a person’s inner self is more important than their outer appearance. People around him have said that his standards are pretty low in terms of looks, but he thinks that a woman who has a beautiful heart is more beautiful. He also prefers ‘girl’ girls. •He tends to squint his eyes a lot. He said it’s because he has bad eyesight. •He always carries a camera around and posts pictures on the fancafe. His “fansite” name is StrongBabe. •He’s the closest to Yongguk because they’ve lived in a dorm longer together and they’re the same age, so they tend to talk more. •He used to dislike going outside and play when he was little but now he likes going out more. •He collects accessories and colognes.

Please look forward to spending every Tuesday with Himi an I ♡♡

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Himi 😍
Such a cutie ❤️😊
whyyyyyyyyyy did I open this?!?!?!