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Summary: Life was finally going as you wanted. Life was perfect with just your daughter and yourself. What happens if all of a sudden the last man you wanted to see comes back stirring up your life? Of course you'll be more cautious just to protect your daughter. But what if she wants to be with her father? Can you protect your daughter all while protecting yourself from a possible heartbreak?
Summary: You were once his but he left. Now you belong to someone else. What great lengths will Yoongi go through to get you back? But it won't be easy considering he is an idol with growing popularity while you're merely a stylist.
Summary: A series of dead bodies. A new partner. And a lost love. What will happen to you now that you're entangled in a plan bigger than you thought. To make it worse? The man who left you seemed to know something about it. And the man assigned to be your new partner seems to have secrets of his own. Is this really the right time to develop a wholehearted love story?
Well there you go just let me know in the comments below which you are looking forward to the most!!
pls tag me your ffs are amazing
Can't wait for all three 😁
and there was us ff pls tag me
of course!
Looking forward to all of them. They sound amazing!!!!!
thank you!
Tag me
of course!
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