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Hello everyone!!

I'm sorry that I've been kind of missing these past couple of weeks. And I'm sorry for being a bad mod Xc But today was my last day of school and I am finally free!!!! :D

So that means that I'll be more invovled and participate a lot more in the CNBlue community~ And since he ending of the quarter is coming extremely fast (Nooo XC) I will be posting some Door Games soon enough.

I already have one that is almost done and I should do another one just to make up all my absences and such. So please look forward to those~

Anyway, this week we'll be posting fan art of our members!!!! Mainly we'll be sharing with you guys fan art that others have made of CNBlue~

(And maybe we should also credit the artists. That sounds like a good idea;;)

But if some of us have time (and confidence xP) then we might also make our own fan art to share with you all~ I know I'm planning to contribute, but we'll see if I have the motivation and time to do that.

I LOVE seeing other people's art so I am personally a big fan of this weekly event~ Oh, and if you guys want to contribute your artwork to CNBlue then please do!! That would make me extremely happy~

Well, I hope you guys like all the fanart that we'll be showing you guys, and I hope that at least some of you contribute your stuff as well~

(And hopefully I can contribute some fanart as well. I would love to draw something for CNBlue!! That sounds nice~)

Anyway, see you all on Sunday~^^

~From your certified, professional pervert~
(I swear, I have a degree C;)

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