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“H-how do you know?”
“Come on y/n let's go I won't hurt you I promise” he said making its way towards me
“How do you know my mane? Have you been stalking me all this time and just waited for an opportunity like this one to kidnap me? Huh is that what you're doing?”
“I warning you don't come any closer or I'll…. I'll”
“You'll what??”
“I'll do this” I said throwing my working shoes at him and made a run for it. I ran until I saw lights. But my relief didn't last long because I was stopped by a pair of strong arms holding me down preventing me from moving
“Y/n calm the fuck down it's me. Oppa”
“O-oppa?” I asked turning to face him
“Hi (^_^)” he said looking at me and giving me a playful smile like nothing had happened
“What the fuck oppa!!! You almost scared me to death. Why didn't you say it was YOU in the first place!!!?” I said steaming mad
“I thought it would be fun. And watch your language young lady that is no way to talk to your oppa. Plus I never thought you would go crazy mood on me” said oppa laughing and helping me stand up
“Why are you here anyways? And don't give me that bullshit that you're here to see me because one you never visit me or my workplace and two I’m pretty sure you’re not here for unni because she left early from work because she wasn't feeling good” I said walking back to get the shoes I had thrown at oppa a couple of minutes ago.
“Again language!!. And I know she left early. She called asking if I could walk you home because she was scared that something might happen to you of you when home alone. And you know me being the gentleman and loving oppa I am I said I would”
‘Gentleman my ass. You almost killed me from a heart attack’
“oh how kind of you Mr. Gentleman” I said sarcastically “ but I think I'm good you don't have to walk me home I think I can manage my way there” I said starting to walk away from him
“Oh really because that's not what I saw when you thought I was going to kidnap you earlier” said oppa with a joking tone “now come on I want to get some medicine for lily”
Our walk to the nearest pharmacy was awkwardly quiet and I couldn’t stand it. I had to do something to lighten up this awkwardness
“d-do you have someone you love or like”
“like do you have someone you love but you’re not sure if you should say something to that person about how you feel because you’re scare of how they might react once you tell her/him”
“you could say I have someone like that. But I don’t think she likes me back because she’s been ignoring me and acting cold towards me recently so I don’t know where I stand in her life anymore”
“really? Who?”
“it’s a secret” he said smirking “but why do you ask” said oppa opening the pharmacy’s door
“no reason its just that unn-” as I was going to tell oppa that unni likes him I got cut off by someone
“oh jin-hyung?”
“oh jimin What are you doing here?” asked oppa
“I'm her buying medicine for noona. What are you doing here?”
“I came to pick y/n up from work and get medicine for your sister too. But I guess we don’t have too anymore”
~~~~Awkward silence~~~~~
“jimin why didn’t you tell you where going to visit your noona. You could’ve walked y/n home”
‘what are you crazy!!! ME walk with HIM as if’
“but you’re here oppa so there’s no point on saying that now. Now come one let’s go unnie is waiting for me at home” I said pushing oppa so he could start walking. But like always brothers are useless
“Jimin, why don’t you take y/n home and give lily the medicine. Y/n won’t mind walking with you. Right y/n?”
“No not at all” I said sarcastically and glaring at Jin oppa
“Ok then its settle you and jimin walk home together I’ll go hang out with the guys”
“Huh? No I-” “ok bye. Jimin take her home” said oppa walking the opposite direction from us
‘Great this day keeps getting better and better. What am I supposed to talk to him about? I don’t even know what players like to talk about? This is going to be a long way home’
We made our way home. And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be jimin was actually kind of chill. Whenever he wasn’t trying to hit on me besides that we actually had a lot in common with each other. Who would have thought that a player like him would have this soft, shy adorable side to him?
We finally reached home and I was dead tired all I wanted to do was lay on my bed and not move for the next 2 days
“Go ahead take the medicine to unni I need to see if there's any mail for us” I told jimin
“Ok but don't take too long jagia” said jimin running away from me
“WHAT!!! JAGIA!!!”I said screaming trying to scare him but instead scaring the girl that was next to me making her drop what she was holding
“I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you. Let me help you” I said to the girl
“No don't worry you were just playing with your boyfriend. I get like that with my fiancé” she said
“What? No he-”
“It’s ok don’t worry” she said cutting me off “I'm Jessica” she said giving me her hand to shake
“Oh sorry I'm y/n nice to meet you. Are you new here I don't think I've seen you around here before?”
“Yeah I'll be moving in with my fiancé after the wedding” Jessica said trying to pick up her things that looked too heavy for her
“Here let me help you”
“Thank you but I can call someone to help me carry this”
“No need for that I can help you. Just lead the way and it's the least I could do after scaring you like that earlier” I said
“If you insist”
We made our way to the elevator and noticed that she was going to the floor I live on
‘Huh? I don't remember seeing anyone moving out from that floor’ I thought
I was too distracted talking to her to notice where we were going until it was too late. It was too late to turn around and make a run for it because HE was standing there when the door opened
“Noona why didn't you call-” he said stopping once he notice me standing there like a deer staring into headlights
‘Great. This day couldn't end up better. Thanks unni now I have talk to him’ I said sarcastically to myself
“Sorry I was going to call you but she offered to help me” she said smiling “hoseok oppa? Earth to oppa”
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