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Get2daChoppa reporting! (TLDR version: I’m the new Video Game Editor. We will have theme week, every week. Participate to be immortalized. Stay clean, friendly, and have a blast!) Before getting down to the fun plans & idea I have for you gamers as Vingle’s currently reigning Editor of the Video Game Interest, a little self-introduction is in order. I am Get2daChoppa, Lord Commander of Video Game Lovers on Vingle. Or Interest Editor, as “They” like to call it. I’ve long stalked Vingle, checking out various humor, fashion, movie, photography, and game contents. I instantly fell in love with its simple design and wide range of content when I first visited this place. Then one day, Vingle started putting together “Interest Editors” I applied for the video game interest just for hell of it, thinking, some of the veterans like @yinofyang @lyricalmotion @nshen1 @blackmage and others will probably become Video Game Editors, as they are truly deserving. But, I became the Editor, booyah! (sry guys). As an Editor and Vingle collection… person, I will do my best to bring you the latest news from the gaming industry, along with many “let’s play” videos from various personalities plus cool game cinematic (will add more over time). But this cannot be done alone. To make this place THE BEST place to get all the game-related content, I highly encourage every gamer to post game-related parody, fanart, cosplay, walkthroughs, previews, reviews, any-all-contents as well! Aside from this rallying cry, I will host weekly theme event called “Gamer Challenge”. Simply put, each week will have certain gaming-related theme. For instance, this week’s theme is: “Favorite Childhood Game”. Post & Write, talk with others that also have extraordinary nostalgia, and make sure THIS place stays clean, friendly, & awesome! When you make a “Gamer Challenge” card, make sure to tag "Video Game" interest so that I could clip it onto the featured collection called “Gamer Challenge” thereby immortalizing you forever!
@Get2daChoppa This is also true. I just hate being late for anything. Again, curses, but I'll make it anyway and tag you. (^_~)
@yinofyang It's never too late to make a challenges card! I'll include them onto the featured collection when you make them ^^
@Get2daChoppa I am sad that I missed the last challenge. I had it all thought out and everything. Curses!!! I feel like I should be saying all that in a pirate accent. I'll definitely try to participate in future challenges.
pretty cool, is hould do this for news
@yinofyang Thank you for the kind words ma'am!! I really want to see your introduction for photography interest! As a fellow gamer, I look forward to your challenge participations sometime ;)
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