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Challenge Period: Oct. 28~ Nov. 4 Let’s kick off by sharing your “favorite childhood game”. Be sure to attach pics/videos & description to really show why that game kicks any other childhood game’s butt! Super Smash Bros. Melee for Game Cube. There have been plenty of games that have captured my heart in my 20-something years of gaming life. But nothing left me quite the lasting memory like Super Smash. The game is pretty bland if you play it by yourself. It gets old after you beat the Hand countless god-knows-how-many times. You are not supposed to play this game by yourself. It’s designed to be a co-op. For me and my closest friends, every Friday was a “Smash Day” in my mid-to-high school years. It was the game that made me look forward to Friday & weekends with friends. Making this game #1 on my “Favorite Childhood Game” List.
Super Smash Bros. is still one of the very best and a good time with friends.
@nshen1 captain falcon wants to have work with the fox lolll
@nshen1 LOL of course!
@lyricalmotion best time traveling story?.... time to get lost in Wiki!
I'm betting @boredemily will pick pokemon... @yinofyang will choose mario bros.. @blackmage might pick final fantasy? @lyricalmotion I really got no idea what he might bring hmmmmmm
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