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Our heroine's life sure is full of rules, isn't it? Let's take a look at five rules we learn in episode three - but keep in mind that rules are made to be broken! 5. TEAM THREE IS NOT ALLOWED TO PICK ON MI RAE To say that the members of Team Three are awful to Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) is a bit of an understatement. In the most touching brother/sister moment of the drama so far, Joo Hyun (Oh Jung Se) explains that the reason he doesn't want Mi Rae on the team is that he can't stand to see the other member's picking on her and looking down on her. Just because it's the nicest thing he said so far doesn't mean that it's actually a nice thing, though- Joo Hyun really needs to start having faith in his little sister if he wants to see her succeed (or if he ever wants her to move out of his house). 4. MI RAE IS NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE WITH AJUMMA'S AFFAIRS (Note that Ajumma is what we're calling Mirae's future self) Just like any bickering, two-man team, Ajumma (Choi Myung Gil) and Mi Rae have a hard time getting on the same page. In episode three, Mi Rae tells Ajumma to stop interfering- Ajumma concedes, but only if Mi Rae promises to stay out of her business. The plan seems great until Ajumma shows up to work at YBS as a cleaning lady. 3. TEAM THREE IS NOT ALLOWED TO INTERVIEW THE POOR MAN Talk about a tough job- even after getting a bunch of water thrown on him and getting chased away with a broom, Shin (Lee Dong Gun) manages (with a lot of help from Mi Rae) to convince the poor man who gives donations to charities that benefit the handicapped to share his story on air. 2. TEAM THREE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DATE OTHER PEOPLE ON THE TEAM Well, this one's going to be a problem for sure, since our entire love triangle is part of the team! Mi Rae can't deny her attraction to either guy, but she's actually mostly concerned about keeping her job. Shin hired her and gave her her first assignment, but Se Ju's (CNBLUE's Yonghwa) gone out of his way to help her a number of times and is always the first to celebrate her accomplishments. While Ajumma is shoving her towards Se Ju, Mi Rae can't deny that she's also attracted to Shin. Things get even more complicated when you add the young and beautiful You Kyoung (Han Chae Ah) into the mix, who is determined to have both and keep Mi Rae out of the picture... this is one rule I don't think anyone's going to do a very good job of following. 1. AJUMMA IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE IN 2013 Ahh, the golden rule of time travel. You're allowed to be in the past, but you're not allowed to change it. Not only is being in the past causing Ajumma to age fast- a month every day, she says- but now she's got someone from her time coming after her to reign her in. She keeps saying she risked her life to come to 2013- just how literal is that risk? So now that we've go the whole Mi Rae/Shin/Se Ju/You Kyoung love square established, which rule-breaking pairings are you pulling for?