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Your hair

Your eyes

Your ripped jeans ♡_♡

Your lips

Your laugh

Your hands

And the 7th thing I like the most about you...

Is that you make me love you ♡

.... I may have been listening to some old school Miley Cyrus earlier... ;)

~☆JJP Shake it Crew☆~

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Great post. I have to agree on all points, but those ripped me!
10 months ago·Reply
He makes me drool whenever he wears those! I swear... he will be the death of me... 😍😍😱
10 months ago
The ripped jeans in one of the images makes me want to touch him so much!!!!!!!!!
10 months ago·Reply
I think i might cry... this post, that song is perfect!!! 💕👍
9 months ago·Reply