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I looked at all the men before me. I started to think that maybe it was a good idea to choose Jongup but we hadn't been around each other since we were children. Though it was nice to see him again, I felt like it might be too awkward to spend so much time with him. I looked to Kihyun. He wasn't the right choice either, he was attractive but that didn't mean he'd be the best candidate for my personal guard. He seemed stand offish it was almost as though he didn't want to be here or perhaps there was something heavier on his mind. I wasn't sure but I just knew it wouldn't be him. The last two to choose from was Minho and Jiho and honestly I didn't see Jiho being my desired pick.

"Hurry up and choose princess we must be going quickly." he said.

Yeah he definatly wouldn't be the one.

I sighed, although I guess I already knew I kind of wanted it to be Minho. I was a little more drawn to him but perhaps that was more because he was the only one smiling gently at me rather than giving me some blank uninviting look. I raised my hand and pointed to Minho.

"I choose Minho-ssi." I said.

Minho's smile grew and he came over and grabbed my hands in his.
"My beautiful princess I will protect you with my life." he said sweetly.

I looked at him while my face grew hot with a blush. He was way too close. I pulled a little from him and he gave me a little chuckle. Jongup sighed,

"Honestly Y/n soon you'll need protection from him." he said.

I looked up at Jongup questioningly,

"Huh? What does that mean?" I asked.

"Never mind that, you've made your choice now let's go we have no time to waste. Lord Ryo knows of your coming of age. The period for you to reach the Divine stone and receive your powers has already begun. If we don't make haste he'll be sure to kill us all." Jiho said.

I nodded to him. Alright, here was my chance to do something important. It was time to save the world. I headed to the post where I tied up Yato and hopped on him with the help of Minho. I didn't necessarily need the help but he pushed me up anyway so I thanked him.
Jiho and Jongup rode before us while Minho stayed behind me. Kihyun was ordered to be behind us, I suppose to watch our backs. Yato carried me past the bridge that led to the prayer temple and I could only hope the heavens had recieved my prayers. I could not fail on this mission, even dying would mean the fate of the world would be in trouble. I tried to let the unsettling feeling in my stomach go away as I thought about the dangers I would face past the magical barrier. Once I was out, there would be nothing but these four men to protect me. I had to put all my faith and trust in them and their abilites.

Perhaps noticing my unrest Minho leaned over a little once he brought his horse closer to Yato and smiled at me.

"Here princess, a beautiful flower for such a pretty lady. Do not worry as long as I'm by your side nothing will happen to you." He said.

He handed me a small pink cheery blossom. I had no idea where he had picked it but it was beautiful. I smiled at the flower and said,

"Thank you Minho. I'm counting on you."

More than he knew.

We reached the magical gate and all of us had to chant a spell together just to get it to come down. We moved cautiously out of the beautiful forest and into the world but it was a world I did not expect to see. As we walked out on our horses, I looked around and saw the sky partially lit with beautiful rays of sunlight but the world around us was far darker than I thought it would be. I wanted to go back to my beautiful home but that wasn't an option. It was my job to restore this and make it beautiful again.

"Keep a look out, with all this darkness a chimera is sure to be hanging around." Jiho said.

A Chimera was a creature of darkness, ones that I would supposedly be pitted against once we made it to the island of Mist. These beast were normally quiet easy to defeat but in much smaller numbers and less dark conditions. The negative energy in the area made it easier for them to not only spawn but also be stronger. Minho stayed close to me as we troted down the street. Jiho and Jongup seemed to be looking around cautiously when Yato suddenly started to get restless. He started jumping up and rocking me around on his back.

"There's something here!" I said worried.

We had probably only walked for a few mintues, ten a best before seeing our first Chimera. My eyes became wide as I looked at the giant beast in front of us. It was much bigger than I thought it would be. It looked like a rabid dog but it's tail was that of a snake. It's tail was posionous it was best to avoid. I had powers of my own but they were purifying powers. I wasn't sure how much that would work.

"Minho keep her safe." Jiho directed.

Minho had a serious face on now. The first time I'd ever seen it since we'd met today. He held his hand out in front of me. He had a chain hanging at the end of his hand but I couldn't see what it was attacted to it, if anything at all. Jiho got down off his horse with Jongup and slowly approached the beast. I gripped onto the reigns of Yato, scared.

"It's alright Princess. We're trained for things like this." Minho said.

I nodded and turned to look at him. I pointed to his side as I saw another Chimera coming up on his side in full speed.

"Minho!" I warned.

Minho's hand moved up swiftly and petals surrounded me as he threw his chain out. I could now see the scythe at the end of it and it hooked into the beast. He quickly jumped off his horse and flipped over the beast, yanking him back from getting to me. His scythe was hooked into the Chimera and he was using all his strength to hold him back.

"Dance of the Cherry Blossom." Minho called.

The petals that were surrounding me were now focusing on the Chimera and twisting around it almost like a sweet little dance. It wasn't so sweet for the Chimera though. Those petals were some how as sharp as his blade. The Chimera whimpered while Minho yanked harder on his hold of him and the petals continued their attack. He then lifted the scythe half out of the Chimera and ran towards him gaining enough momentum to jump and throw his chain scythe around his neck. The scythe hooked into the Chimera's neck and Minho pulled hard enough to kill it. The Chimera turned into darkness. The beast now gone but it's dark essence still existing in the same spot. Minho stood there for a moment staring at it wondering what might happen to it.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Minho shook his head. He looked like a completely different person when he was that serious. He had no idea why the dark esscene lingered either. Minho started to come back to the horses and the called the petals back to him to form a few pretty cherry blossoms. He smiled once he made eye contact with me and handed me the flowers.

"You manipulate flowers." I said in realization.

He nodded,

"Ture beauty can be deadly too."

"Minho behind you." I said quickly.

He turned to see that dark essence that had been lingering forming again.

"What? How can it do that? Once it's dead it's supposed to stay like that." he said baffled.

The beast was fully formed and ran after us again. This time a chakram with lightining sparks sliced through the Chimera's neck and killed it. THe Chakram came back to it's owner, Kihyun. He had lightning as a power. Now that was pretty cool.

"Thanks." Minho said.

Kihyun just nodded to him silently.

Jiho and Jongup got back up on their horses.

"Let's go they keep reforming we can't defeat them." he said.

"We can't out run them either." I said.

"Do you have any other suggestions?" he said almost snapping at me.

I got quiet. He nodded and told us to hurry up.

The thing was that Chimera's could pick up scents and with the amount of darkness hanging around there would be no time before we ran into another one much stronger than the two they just took on...
Alright I know it's short but just remember that this is also a game and a story. Next part you may have to make a choice. lol Actually you do have to make a choice I won't even tease you about that lol.

Also I apologize for being late with this. I film on Tuesday's so I wasn't able to edit on time.

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Love the fight scene 😍😍. Minho sounds like a lowkey player πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I've always been a sucker for fantasy and fairytale. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ’– Loving it!