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I sat back looking at the men in front of me. How was I supposed to choose this? I mean it was helpful that they wanted to protect me but they were all men and Jiho himself said that I'd probably be spending a lot of time with whoever I picked. Minho stepped up to me and grabbed my hand.

"You can choose me Princess. I'll take good care of you." he said beaming with happiness.

Kihyun shook his head but looked away as if there was no point in even asking for him to be my personal guard. He was too silent anyway I wasn't quiet sure I could handle that kind of silence. I was thinking about saying Jongup when suddenly Jiho said,

"Look if you can't decide then I'll decide for you. I'll be in charge of you." he said annoyed.

I sighed slightly relieved. I really didn't want to have to choose.

"Aw that's not fair she was just about to say me." Minho pouted.

"Let's go we have a time table to keep." Jiho demanded.

He was a bit rough around the edges but Minho didn't seem like he was too bothered by it. Jiho instructed Jongup and Kihyun to take the front and then Minho would stay in front of me. Jiho rode beside me for now but I wondered if that might change once we got outside the magic gate, getting out of the garden was much easier than getting in. All we had to do was hold hands and chant the spell to open the gate but once we stepped out the world that greeted me wasn't a world that I had ever seen. Darkness was all around and much more terrifying than I thought it could be. I knew now why my mission was so important. My home was magically protected so no darkness could get through but I some how wondered was it because I was locked away that the world became this dark to begin with?

I had purifying powers that allowed me to break through darkness but my powers weren't nearly strong enough to break through this much darkness. I held onto the sword that my father gave me. He told me that if I infused my powers with the sword I would have a very powerful weapon but the part that made me nervous was that I had no idea how to do that!

I forgot to ask, I never learned!

I was taught how to fight with swords but I never thought that I could infuse my purifying ability into a weapon. Would that build greater damage to the darkness or would that help me cut through the beasts I would meet once I reached the island of Mist? I was far more nervous than before.

"Relax Princess, we will get you to your destination safely." Jiho said.

He wasn't looking at me but he must've felt how tense I had become. I was silent during the walk only because in my head I had been screaming and freaking out. I never thought about any of the challenges I'd face at the island and although I had vigorusly studied all of my ancestors written documents for this moment; they were too vague to tell me what I would be up against. Test and trails, that was just about all they gave me but I needed more than tests and trials I also needed to know how to infuse my power into this weapon.

Papa... Mama.... Why couldn't you have just told me?
We had already been traveling for a few hours now and the horses needed water to drink. I got hungry myself so we stopped in a villiage that we had come into. It was a small little town that didn't have many people and it seemed like they were going through a rough time. Jiho had been looking at the map that my parents gave me while the rest of us were looking out for a place to rest the horses and eat. There was an older gentlemen that saw us coming down the street and stopped us. Jiho immeditaely walked in front of me when he tried to approach. I looked at him a little surprised as to why he was acting like that but then I realised I shouldn't be so trusting of people. With the world covered in negative enregy like this, pure hearted people no matter how innocent they may look may not be so innocent after all.

"State your business." Jiho said to the man.

He was a bit rough I had to admit.

"You few don't look like you're from around here. Are you lost?" the man said.

"We're looking for a place to eat sir. Perhaps you wouldn't mind pointing us to a place where we could pay for some food." I said.

"I afraid the only resturant we have in town is that way young lady," he turned to point straight behind him and we all looked at the last building at the end of the villiage.

It was small with a little tree to give a little shade.

"With the way the world is now I'm afriad that we won't have anything very good to eat. Our crops do not grow very well now a days. The sunlight is scarce and food is even less than before." he said.

At this point paying for food wouldn't even have been their biggest problem, having food at all was the problem. Jiho sighed,

"We understand we'll go somewhere else."

"Wait!" I said.

Jiho looked at me in almost a glare. I stalled for a minute.

Why was he being so mean to me?

I reget allowing him to make my decision now. Kihyun came up to me and patted my shoulder,

"If you are to make a request I suggest doing it now otherwise he will only get worse." he warned.

For someone on his own team to know how bad he get's I believed him and turned to Jiho.

"I think we should stay and rest for a moment even if it's not to eat. I would like to see the rest of the villiage." I said.

"We don't exactly have time to take a tour of every village we come across we have a destination to reach."

"I was told on my journey that I was to learn something quite valuable. I don't know what that may be but I do know that I have a duty to help where I see it necessary." I said.

"You can help by getting to the island in ample time. It is My duty to see to it that you get there safely so that you can fulfill that duty. " he shot back.

I took in a deep breath quite annoyed with his attitude towards me. I raised my head and had Yato continue to walk and ignored his orders. I called to the other three knights and said,

"Let's go we're staying here for a moment."

I walked deeper into the villiage but Jiho rode his horse fast and stopped it in front of me trying to get me to turn back. I sighed and got down from Yato. I petted his neck and Yato turned to me nuzzling his nose into my neck. I turned back to see the knights had followed and stopped behind me. The old man was watching the ordeal. I raised my hand to beckon him towards me.

"May I see the fields where you plant your crops?" I asked.

The man looked at me strangely but he nodded and asked me to follow him. I held onto Yato's reigns but I did not ride him. I looked behind me to see the three other knights following behind me but Jiho seemed annoyed even more that I was defying him. He saw only one half of the duty he was given. I understood he had a job to fulfill but I had one much bigger than he could ever imagine. One that required me to learn more about myself and my capabilities than just making a straight shot to the island of Mist. It was important I got there as quick as possible. It was important that I got there before Lord Ryo and his goons could catch up with us but I also knew that ignoring the problems in front of me to accomplish that goal didn't help me understand the things that I learned over my eighteen years of study any better.

We arrived to their farm land to see the darkness that spread out across it and the destoryed crops. They were barely making enough to survive. I looked out at everything with a heavy heart. How was locking me away for eighteen years benefictional to the world? Had I learned how to hone my powers better during those years perhaps I could've helped more. My heart grew heavy.

"Such an ugly place." Minho said sadly.

Jiho stood by my side as we all looked out at this.

"Is this the kind of devistaion that you wanted me to ignore?" I asked.

"Trust me princess there are far worse sights than these in many other places. There are other villages and families that need you. They are surviving off of the pure hope that you get your ancestors divine power and restore the true balance to this world. One village in pain is all you see, there are others." he said.

"Then allow me to help this one. It may just be one villiage but if you were to say that to every villiage we passed we will have helped no one at all. I do not see one villiage I see one act of kindness. A simple duty that has not been shared in years that caused this darkness in the first place. I may not be at my strongest but this one act is like a drop of water in a river. One kindness can cause a ripple effect and spread." I said.

He looked at me as if something I said had hit him too hard for him to respond. He looked away from me but I supposed that was just his way of giving in without having to say it. I came closer to the destroyed propety. As I approached darkness took its form. A Chimera appeard.

A huge dog like beast with a posionous snake tail formed and Jiho quickly pulled me back and stood before me. He unsheathed both his swords and took a stance. This Chimera was unaturally huge and he was quite vicious. I came back further to allow Jiho more room. Kihyun had come up along with Jongup. I stayed back with Minho and the old man.

"Do not worry Princess, now you get to see why he is our leader." Minho said with a smile.

I could hear Jiho issuing orders out to the others before he moved with quick speed. One moment he was in front of the Chimera to attack the next he was right behind his head. He came down in a spinning fashion cutting away at the Chimera's head, neck and legs but the Chimera was strong enough to recover from the attack.

"It's too strong." I said worried.

"Just wait." Minho said smiling at the fight taking place.

He had his utmost faith in his leader. I watched as Jiho ran again moving with such lightning speed it was hard to keep up with his movements. He suddenly shouted out,


Kihyun threw his Chakram to create an even deeper gash in the Chimera. Jongup sent bubbles flying after it which had you wondering what was going on. You saw the bubbles sink into the skin of the Chimera before it healed again.

"It didn't do anything?" I asked confused.

"I would take cover the two of you." Minho said to us.

He pulled us back behind the horses and suddenly an explosion went off. The darkness spread out in a loud blast and then I peeked from the side of the horse. Jiho, Kihyun and Jongup stood before an open empty field where nothing was left but the lingering darkness from the Chimera still exisited. I quickly ran out to the middle of the field ignoring Minho's call to me.

"You should've stayed back it may reform." Jiho said stopping you.

"Not if you let me work fast enough. I need you to keep an eye out for me so no more show up and disrutpt the spell." I said.

I ran to the middle of the field and held my arms out wide. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I slowly brought my hands together. Two fingers from my right hand pressed into my left palm. The fingers of my left hand except one curled around the fingers of my right and I began to chant a spell. This spell was quite difficult but I needed to be careful and get it right otherwise the spell would break and the darkness would reform and spread again. I needed to be precise.

"It's coming back." Jiho warned.

I couldn't move and I couldn't stop the chant I had to continue drawing it in. I had to pull the darkness back in and purify it all.

"Y/n!" he said getting pissed.

Jiho don't break my concentration. Come on focus Y/N.

"Llepsed!" I said.

I opened my eyes to see the Chimera jumping towards us. Jiho had taken a stance but the spell had worked, before it could even land the attack, it quickly dispressed.
The sun began to shine again and it seemed like life had returned to the crop land. Minho and the others came over along with the old man with tears in his eyes.

"It's been so long since I've seen true sunlight." he said.

I bowed to the old man.

"I just wish I could restore your crops. Perhaps now you'll be able to grow more to support the villiage." I told him.

"Actually I maybe able to help with that." Minho said.

He stepped forward but shooed us all off the land and began to use his own magic and he did it in a flashy way as well. I had to hand it too him though he did look beautiful as he spread out his magic and the crops bregan to grow in abundance. The old man cried in happiness.

"How can I ever thank you kind people! Please let me treat you to something nice. I wish to send you and your horses off with somethings to eat on your travels!" He said happily.

"That's very kind of you." I said.

"I'll be just one moment." he said.

I nodded and he ran off, I suppose to get supplies to pick some crops or perhaps to get people to tell them they now had food. I dropped to the floor the moment he left. Jiho quickly came to my side.

"Princess. Are you alright?" he asked worried.

I smiled at him, it was the first time I had seen such an expression on him. I nodded,

"I'm alright it's just that's a very big spell and it takes a lot out of me."

"You shouldn't have done it." he said sternly.

"Still I can already see the light and it's more beautiful than ever. Can you see it Jiho? The piercing through the darkness has already given one villiage hope." I said smiling at the sight before me.

He turned his head to see all the villiagers coming out to see the sight that had been done. Some stared out at the farmland that had been dying for some time, others were staring at the sky. Sunlight more vibrant and beautiful than they could believe greeted them and sent them to tears and praising the heavens.

"This is only the beginning." I said.

Boy was I right...
Jongup and Kihyun tomorrow but it may be late I'm celebrating my friends birthday with him.

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Kind and strong princess with a heart of gold! 🤗 Jiho better watch out, she's strong willed and will give him a run for his money! lol