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So a little late but better late then never that I posting the next part to The Arrangement.
And this time its in Jimin's profile.
And there is a slight smut scene so be aware!

Chapter 5 Jimins view A week without her. It had really just been a couple weeks since we started, it was a bad idea to start this. When I saw her with some other guy coming home drunk I got jealous, she was mine! What was she doing with some other dickhead. I shouldn't have blown up at her, I hated to see her cry and that I made her cry. I was sitting here with Grace in my arms leaning on me. It felt like my heart was heavy. When did I start to have such feelings for her. I just wanted sex. Now I don't know what the hell I wanted. Drifting off I fell asleep with her snug against me. I woke up without Grace by me. I could hear water running though. “Are you awake?” Grace said making me turn to look and see her coming back into the room. “Yes” I said rubbing my face with my hand. “Your pouting at me” she stopped and looked at me. “Oh you're so cute” she grinned at me making me pout more, jutting my bottom lip out. “Who pissed you off so early?” She asked coming over. She sat across from me on the coffee table. “Is my Jiminie pouting because he's not inside me right now” Grace was giving that coy smile of hers. The combination of her calling me hers and that look had me hardening in my pants. “Say it again” I said. “Just the first 3 words and the last 4” I instructed. I watched as she licked her lips. “Is My Jiminie inside me right now” she repeated. “Fuck. Do I need to be inside of you”  I growled. Pulling her forward and into my lap. Her legs straddled my hips as her arms wrapped around my neck. I devoured her lips hungry for her taste. “Jimin” she moaned as I kissed down her neck. “Say that you're mine” I instructed her. Moving the strappy top she had on I went after her breasts. When she didn't say it my teeth grazing her right nipple bit down making her moan. “Yes do that again” she hissed. I couldn't refuse I pulled at her nipple with my mouth, toying with her. I released it with a pop and looked at her. “Say it. Say you're mine” I told her. Her hips rocked against me. “I'm yours” she sighed. “Say you'll let me do anything to you”  I said sliding my hands down her sides. She wiggled against me and pulled my face up for a kiss. “Do whatever you want to me” she moaned pulling away from my mouth. I grinned at her. “The things I'm going to do to you.” I said. Repositioning her I laid her on the couch and pulled her pants down exposing her. A look at her completely naked I grinned. . . When we were through Grace left me on the couch to go to her room and change. She came back out with  a  pair of black pants and a see through button down shirt with a white tank top on. Her hair was still down and in fuck me knots. “I need coffee now” She said making her way to the kitchen. “Hmm Starbucks” she hummed. “Jiminie your still here? I thought you were leaving” She turned to look at me. I was still sitting on the couch watching her. My clothes were back in place. “I can’t go get coffee with you?” I asked making her laugh. “No Jiminie Cricket, you have to go to the studio, you gotta bunch of messages didn’t you” She stood there her arms crossed. “How do you know?” I asked. I hadn’t even looked at my phone to know that. Grace rolled her eyes. “Because I got about 8 messages, if I got some than you sure did” She said. 10 minutes later she was kicking me out of her house. Chuckling I headed to the studio. When I got there the first person I stopped by to see was Namjoon. I knocked on his door than walked in. Namjoon was sitting at his desk, headphones in and messing with something on the computer. Sighing and took the few steps into the room and wrapped my arms around his shoulders from behind and rested my head on his shoulder. “Holy Goodness, I didn’t know you were here” Namjoon said startled. “What are you working on?” i asked ignoring his comment. “Working on stuff” Namjoon said. “Are you just coming in now” he asked. “Yes” I dropped my head on his shoulder. “Were you over at Grace’s place?” Namjoon asked. “Yea” I answered. “Yea? That’s it. I thought you would have more to say” Namjoon said. Sighing I got off Namjoon and took a seat in the chair next to him. “I fucked up” I sighed. Namjoon swung his chair around so he could look at me. His expression didn’t change, he looked at me waiting for me to go on. “Fuck, fuck she was saying she was mine” I groaned. My chest was tight and just thinking about Grace like that had me stirring in my pants. “So are you giving in to the fact you like her?” Namjoon asked. “I’ve always like her” I huffed running my hand through my hair. Namjoon shook his head, a smile playing on his lips. “Nah, I mean you like her as in your falling for her” He clarified. “I don’t fall for anyone” I scoffed “They fall for me” I grinned. Namjoon rolled his eyes “Don’t try to cover it up with a joke. I’m being serious” Namjoon said. I looked at him. He was looking serious, after a moment I let out a breath I was holding. “Alright fine I fucked up. It was only supposed to be sex, it wasn’t supposed to be more then that” I said. “And when did it turn to more?” Namjoon asked. “When I realized I missed her a bit after not seeing her for a week” I admitted. “A bit? You mean a shit load. The other day you talked about her non stop. How you couldn’t wait to get back to her. Than you rushed back, not caring it was late when we got back.” Namjoon pointed out. A moment later I nodded. “Your so screwed buddy” Namjoon shook his head “I guess now I just need to get her to fall for me” I grinned as I steeped my fingers in front of my face like I was a master mind. “And how you going to do that” Namjoon cocked an eyebrow. “No more sex” I said which made Namjoon laugh loudly. “You think withholding sex is smart?” Namjoon questioned “Well what do you suggest” I asked. “Date her” he stated “come on like actually take her out, have dinner, or a movie, something to show her off” Namjoon suggested.

Oh I love Joonie's suggestion lol these Two ended up being so adorable together!

@Indiglow for sure I'll add you!
smart namjoon!!! woo her although she already likes him...but he doesn't know that lol
withholding sex!? really!? it's a bit late for that chimchim. lmaooooo
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