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Hi guys!!!! I'm Dani and your Cross Gene decided to keep me around for Q2!!! Yay!!! So a little about me 🐧Like I said I'm Dani but my nickname is Penguin 🐧I'm the EXO mod 🐧@Aimee got me into CG about a year ago, I think. 🐧I'm multifandom. I love sooo many groups 🐧I find myself quite boring so this hard for me lol 🐧One of the things that @AimeeH and I have bonded over is the fact that like her, I've had cancer as well.
I'm kinda in love with Shinkitty lol
Yongseok is my number two. His adorable little boy smile warms my heart!
Shhhh.... Don't tell our moderator but Sangmin is my number 3 and is trying to steal Yongseok's spot. I LOVE his personality. And he is absolutely adorable.