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SF9: Taeyang 화요일 mod supporter

안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my gorgeous Fantasy and soon to be Fantasy!!

Many thanks to @YulaGyeom for letting me part of this lovely growing Fantasy community.
Can't wait to bring you lovelies amazing and hopefully great content every Tuesday, 화요일, martes with the others.

But do you know who's bringing you the cutie pie:
no?? a quick about me then before we get to know this wrecker of mine...
•About Me: Soooo......I guess I can start with my name... ●Isolda (이솔다) aka Sol ●Q2 Moderator for KNK (double yay) ●Puerto Rican  (age between 22-26) ●Major I'm sorry but until these beautiful Korean men estoppp, I'm just keep adding them in my lifeu ㅠ^ㅠ ●I literally bias too many...hence multi but I have my especial oppas & young oppas. ●I'm also Mod Supporters for: ☆Monsta X (Shownu) ☆SF9 (Taeyang....duhhh) ☆iKon (Donghyuk) ☆BTOB (Peniel) ☆Shinhwa (Andy) ☆BTS (J-Hope) ☆GFRIEND (unofficially so ask to join me!) My Vingle is open to all, so let's be friends and play!! or with me. Add me on 카카오톡 and/or LINE or whatnot. (Just ask for username if you want)

Now, let's meet our sunshine

-Stage name: Taeyang [태양]
-Position: Main dancer, main vocalist, a sunshine
-DOB: 28 February 1997
-Blood type: O
-Totally Korean lol
Fun Facts:
-Was the 3rd trainee for SF9
-He's a total fashionista
-Most confident in his eyes and eyebrows (as he should)
-Talent: dancing to various types of music (I should challenge him on his latin moves...aka bachata & salsa)
-He has a calm and thoughtful personality (hence sunshine)
-Roommates with: Rowoon, Inseong & Chani
-Was selected as the most sexy member of group (via the members)
-He's a choreographer

NICKNAMES: Taeyangie, Sunshine

So I shall see you gorgeous Fantasy lovers next week!!

Nice to meet you!
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😄😄😄 likewise!!
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can you tag me on everything please
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