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안녕하세요 친구

Welcome my orange Changjos and soon to be Changjos!

How exciting to be representing a major oppa!!!! Ahh the always a maknae: Andy oppa

Yas, so you may be wondering why the 19+?? welp bc you never know with these oppas. like wth...look at these covers!!

**seriously, you are being warned**

^last one is not Andy oppa, but lawd!!

Ahem....back to Andy oppa and if you don't know about me click ->here <-

Now let's meet Oppa!!!!
-Stage Name: Andy (앤디)
-Korean name: Lee Sun Ho (이선호)
-English name: Jason Lee (but SM sucks and made him change it to Andy before debut)
-Position: jkjk Rapper, maknae
-DOB: 21 January 1981
-Height: 175cm (bc he has officially stopped growing)
-Blood type: O

Oppa fun & not so fun facts:
-He's a solo artist & actor
-Forced to go on hiatus (2013) bc of gambling controversy
-Nickname: Bogus
-Hobbies: dancing, volleyball, basketball, drinking (bad joke)
-He's a practicing Christian
-Oppa has Korean citizen since he gave up his US citizenship to join the military
-owns his own company: T.O.P Media (heard of it???)
well he produced the groups: TEEN TOP, 100%, & UP10TION (love them all)

●Oppa's type:
Any girl will do as long as she just looks only at me.
Omg that's soo me!!! Oppa, I'll only have eyeseu for you!!
Plus Andy has stated that he likes innocent and nice young ladies...welp

Andy oppa, this does not portray what you're looking for....bad but good man. lol

So cute.....I'm done fangirling.

See all my lovely orange Changjo next Tuesday!

you used photos from the nude calendar they were made to do I see.. well that's one way of getting more Vinglers into Shinhwa XD
i know nothing shinwa, but im looking forward to this
This was to HOT!!
Yay! So yummy, love him and he's even my oppa!