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Actress Yoo In Na shared a meaningful opening comment in a radio. Yoo In Na, who has been in the spotlight due to a public love confession from Ji Hyun Woo, led the live radio broadcast of KBS ‘Yoo In Na’s Turn The Volume Up’ on June 8 at 8PM KST. Previously at the fan meeting of tvN ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ on June 7 Ji Hyun Woo surprised everyone as he publically confessed that he is in love with Yoo In Na and asking for everyone’s support. Yoo In Na in the opening introduced an animal meerkat. She said, “The animal meerkat has a lot of fears. So it lives hiding in fear. However the Africans call these animals ‘sun angel’ believing the animals protects the village.” Yoo In Na continues on, “Do not hide even though you are afraid. For whatever reason your existence itself might be strength for others.” This comment is drawing a lot of attention as listeners are wonder and have commented ‘Tell me more about the love confession from Ji Hyun Woo,’ ‘So the kissing in the series was real?’ However the radio program representative stated, “The opening comment is written by radio script writer so it doesn’t represent the opinion of Yoo In Na. Please don’t take her words out of proportion.” cr: