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Ji Hyun Woo’s unexpected confession of love put the brakes on Yoo In Na’s appearance in MBC TV’s We Got Married. According to a spokesperson for Yoo, Yoo was planning to appear on MBC TV’s We Got Married 3. However, as Ji confessed his love to Yoo at an event for tvN’s drama series Queen In-hyun’s Man, Yoo’s plan has been put on the brakes. On June 11, a spokesperson for MBC said, “We were going to cast Yoo In Na in We Got Married as its new member. But we don’t know what to do now because it’s a program about virtually married couples. Yoo In Na’s agency might not know what to do, either.” Indeed, YG Entertainment, Yoo’s agency, has not officially announced their position yet after Ji’s sudden confession of love, saying, “We’ve got nothing to say.” The agency is currently not planning to make any announcements about it. People are guessing it is because Yoo was planning to appear on We Got Married. Yoo’s appearance in the show was discussed on January 30 before MBC’s labor union went on strike. As the strike was extended, all the schedule for the show was also postponed. As substitutes for the production team of We Got Married started filming the show again, it will air again on June 16. However, as the strike hasn’t been called off, Yoo’s appearance has not been decided yet. A spokesperson for We Got Married says, “Because the original production team is not back yet, we’re not discussing about new couples now. We’re not planning to cast new couples, therefore, there’s no plan for Yoo In Na, either.” Source: STARNEWS
enen how the acting is good if your not treating your fans then do u think they will going to support you.come on ,celebrity survive because of you think management agencies will hold on you if your not popular...dont think so..
It has nothing to do with the "fan" quality? What is doing a fan? Nothing. Just spitting out bad or good words. Depending on the mood. Is FAN working hard? Is Fan winded, dusted, tired, taking vitamin pills, crying, laughing, living, dying just to please somebody? No. They say they raise you up. On which basis? The talent of the actors , the script, the production team, the director, the music, these are ingredients for success. It is better for Fans to be more humble and to support those people as much as they can.
another thing..Its normal being impulsive sometimes because of uncontrollable feeling but sometimes you have to be more careful in making a public announcement.Expect people will talk about you because your in the entertainment world and you cannot please everybody.Do you think ji yhun woo must be responsible enough to his actions.I really a big fan of him but sometimes I cant blame the fans to worry because we hooked in the drama.Its a mental stress to everyone....Fans are the one who pulling you up in the level of popularity but sometimes fans is the one who pulling you down.So he must be considerate and responsible enough to face his fans for they are only people who are become happy and inspire watching your drama.
you cant avoid people interfere with their relationship because they are public celebrities.You must expect that people will praise you and criticize you as well .Sometimes the will invade your private and personal life.Being in the entertainment industries must be capable of the after effect of being a celebrity as what ji yhun woo said about the Talisman ..Be thankful that people is keep on eye to you and talking about you because its simply means that you are popular.They wasting their time and effort praising you.Do we deserve a better feed back from them.The popularity of the of an actor is base of the people complement.If people not talking about you,your not in fame at this moment.So many actress and actors in the industry today but you must be fortunate to the talk of town in the industry despite the competition with the other celebrity who more brilliant than them.
yes..i agree with that..better take ji yhun woo and yoo in na as sure this will be a big hit again...not because of the drama itself but because many fans will support them...
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