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With so many childhood games, I'm going along with the classical Golden Eye for N64! Single player campaign and multiplayer both kicked many many butts! Usually did not disable golden gun for the multiplayer because it's just amusing to one-shot a machinegun wielder with... a tiny gun. I know its probably not the most popular choice from that era but I spent so much time on it with friends!
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great game
@delmontequality awesome to try out with friends, must emphasize this!
Oh, man. This game brings back some great memories.
One of my high school teachers was awesome... he kept a TV in his classroom (mainly for class-related purposes), as well as an N64. Because of the way classes were scheduled, we had an hour for lunch... which a bunch of us would spend playing GoldenEye and, much later, Halo. It was always a blast!
@GarrusVakarian What? That's not cool! I didn't have any teachers who did that. :'( That's okay. I guess I had one who let us watch movies all the time.