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The reason Ji Hyun Woo suddenly decided to join the Army after he said he loves Yoo In Na was disclosed. On June 9, Ji’s agency, Paramount Music, said, “We think that Ji is exhausted after finishing the shooting for the series Queen and I. He said that he will join the Army because he can’t perform romantic scenes anymore.” The agency added, “He was immersed in the series and he is currently in a state of panic and lethargy. He said he needs to recharge himself and since he received his military enlistment notice, he said he will join the Army.” According to the agency, Ji is currently keeping a low profile after revealing his love for Yoo on June 7. “We didn’t even know that he said he loved Yoo. We, as an agency, can’t say anything about a man and woman’s business.” “He will take a rest until he joins the Army. We haven’t decided if he will hold a fan meeting before he joins the Army yet or not.” When Ji was attending a fan meeting, which was held on June 7 at CGV in Seoul for tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday series Queen and I, he drew a lot of attention by saying, “I wanted to confess in front of my fans. I love Yoo with all my heart.” Source: STARNEWS
It is this a faithfulness confession...from his part.?...
lovers are well suited....