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Hi, EXO community! I'm Meredith and I'll be joining the EXO community mod support team for this quarter; thank you for the chance to be part of this, @tigerlily84! This card is for anyone who wants to know a bit about me.

I'm 30 and live a pretty quiet life with my son (he's 11). The collage above has a few photos from my phone so you can my face and a few snapshots of things in my life: a love of nature, travel, the ocean, food.

Two other things I love are music, which is why I previously went to school for audio engineering and interned in a recording studio, and books, which is why I now work in a library.
Of course, I don't have nearly enough time for reading because when I'm not at work I'm busy with boring responsibilities
homeschooling my son

or my current hobby/obsession, learning Mandarin Chinese (traditional) and, only as of recently, Korean.

Moving on to the important stuff: EXO!

I only discovered kpop and EXO in the fall of 2015. Before that I had zero interest in pop music, with the exception of a little Taiwanese music. I grew up on rock/punk/hardcore music and my favorite non-kpop band is AFI. If you want to read more about how I ended up discovering kpop or, in hindsight, the moment when my bias became my bias, you can check out this card I posted a while ago https://www.vingle.net/posts/1428489 (heads up: it involves a lot of crying).

My bias, of course, is Xiumin.

His awkward fidgetiness and silliness always make me smile

and his voice is the auditory equivalent of being wrapped up in a warm, soft blanket while sipping hot cocoa from your favorite mug.

Okay, this card is way too long already. I look forward to having fun in the EXO community this quarter!
I am sooooo happy to see an older EXOL!!!! I'm 36 and it's lonely out here sometimes lol. ANDDDD my bias is also Xiuminnie!!!! so yay!
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I'm right there with you. I get stupidly excited when another fan is close to my age!
So nice to meet you! πŸ€— ... I'm a bit older but I grew up on rock/metal too. I discovered Kpop in the winter/spring on 2015. The first Korean group I ever listened to was CNBlue and Kim Hyun Joong. EXO came a tad later, like a month later through a fashion article. I just fell in love πŸ˜πŸ’šμ—‘μ†Œ
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Thank you πŸ™
Love this card. You described Minseok's voice the same way I describe Kyungsoo's. I'm so glad to have you in the squad.
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