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Hey everyone my name is Shady.... this is my first time being a part of a support crew! I am happy to be a part of it so thank you so much to the lovely @BBXGD 😍😍
A couple facts about me: I have been a kpopper for 3 years now I have seen Infinite and VIXX in concert they were both amazing. (Taekwoon made me cry) I am getting a divorce. And it sucks but i saw it coming a mile away.... yet for some reason I'm still kinda lonely. But enough of the sad stuff this isn't about me! This is about the amazing Kwon Jiyong!
1. He is the most humble and genuine artist. He cares about BigBang and his fans and loves his music!
2. He is funny and part of me knows he has to be aware of how gorgeous he is but some times I think he is oblivious to his effect of people...
3. This boy is so fashion forward it hurts and peaceminusone is amazing... I want to buy it all. But alas it's expensive and I'm broke
4. Jiyong and Haru is literally one of my favorite things in the entire world. I love the relationship so much.... Ok so there is a little about me and why I love GD!! I can't wait to get to know you guys and have fun with all of you!!!! Dragon Squad 🐉🐉🐉🐉 @BBxGD @awkwardjazzy @WinKonVIP @NuXX •••G-Dragon COMMUNITY MASTER TAG LIST••• @amobts  @AraceliJimenez  @AneebaNasi @Abigailh758 @CheyanneLindsey  @CynthiaForeman  @CallMeMsDragon  @camwheel  @DarciAragon  @desesoray  @DenieceSuit @EvilGenius  @ErinMccarey @giselacampos14@Izzy987 @ibMIMI @JamiMilsap  @jemitza  @JackieG1617  @Jessicalista  @JewelsLouise1@QueenPandaBunny @KpopQueenaBee  @krin @lilbr0wneyes @luvella18 @MarrickeJ33  @MelissaGarza  @ManduBum @megancurrent9 @nmeza29 @NicoleForeRose @royalpandajedi @petname83  @punkpandabear @QueenLele @resavalencia  @raenel @sukkyongwanser  @sherrysahar  @sweetnothing34  @StefaniTre  @Starbell808  @Swhitta  @SusiBosshammer  @shellyfuentes70 @TerraToyaSi  @TaliaMay14 @YviLole15 @ZylerOkumura
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Thanks hun!!!!