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Hello all! I've been working on this story for a while & have finally plucked up the courage to share it. A few facts about me: 1. I am a hopeless bookworm, the more time I can spend reading the happier I am. 2. I love to write. I have notebooks & journals like you wouldn't believe full of stories but because of my anxiety I'm the only one who ever sees them. 3. The reason I'm sharing this story now: My amazing Vingle Family! I joined Vingle almost 2 years ago now & have been blessed to have met & bonded with some amazing people. They have been there for me through some rough & dark places & I would be lost without them. OK, enough of my rambling let's get to the story.
What would you do if one day you found yourself kidnapped? Tough question right? What if your kidnappers turned out to be celebrities? Would you fight for your freedom or would you give in and accept it because one of your captors was your bias?

Kidnapped By Celebrities   "ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!" The exhausted performers look around at one another tiredly. "Anyone want a solo spotlight?" the leader asks. "You know we would all go back out there if the staff would allow it." one of the members says quickly. "The show went way longer than they wanted it to as is. One more time & the venue may not let us perform here again." another says. They all look back towards the stage sadly, knowing that all their fans want is just a little more time with them. The leader sighs heavily, "I know, I know. I just hate leaving knowing how disappointed they are that the show is over."    Seeing the look on their leader’s face & feeling the same way themselves, they quickly surround & embrace  him. "We know how you feel hyung, the last show is always the hardest," the youngest says quietly. The others nod their heads & make noises of agreement. "Alright enough of this, lets get to the dressing room & get changed so we can get out of here," the leader says firmly. They all start walking again & head for their dressing room. As they get closer they see a staff member waiting by the door.    The oldest member hangs back with the leader, "Go inside with the others I'll handle this," he says softly. "No. I'm the leader & it's my responsibility, you go & make sure the others are ready to go quickly." The oldest nods in agreement & ushers the others to the dressing room past the waiting staff member. The woman greets them all politely as they file past her. The door closes firmly behind the oldest & the woman turns her attention to the leader.    "I know you want to rest & be on your way, but there are some things we need to discuss,”The leader can't help the exasperated sigh that escapes him. "I know we went on longer than you wanted & I know we made your job harder," he says quietly. "Yes you did on both counts & it's not the first time this has happened. This is becoming a pattern & it needs to stop." she says firmly.     “A pattern that needs to stop huh?” he says bitterly. “Let me ask you something, have you ever been in their position? Most of the people here tonight had a once in a lifetime experience,” he says with the first stirrings of anger. “ We're not from here & we don't tour here often. These people have come from all over & you want us to rush the time we have with them.” he continues on. “ It's not that we want to rush their experience, but we schedule things the way we do for a reason,” the staff member says calmly. “ Look I will apologize for keeping the people working here longer than planned & taking time away from their families. I will not apologize for the extra time we spent with our fans,” he says trying for politeness. “If it was every single show we do I would say it’s a pattern that needs to stop, but it’s not,” he says firmly.       “It's the last show in this country, these people waited months just for tonight. They deserved a little extra,” he says turning towards the dressing room door. “So you're fans in other cities didn't deserve the extra time? They waited too, how is that fair?” the woman blurted without thinking. “This conversation is over,” the leader says through gritted teeth. The woman tries to recover the situation “I-I-I’m sorry! That was rude & unprofessional, I wasn't thinking.” The leader turns to look at her with his hand mid-turn on the doorknob. “ Yes it was, when we're on that stage we put it all out there. Our blood, sweat, tears… everything! It all goes to our fans,” he says once again turning away & opening the door. Over his shoulder he says “Have the owner of the venue call our manager in the morning, we’ll work everything out then,” the door closes behind him.     Barely in the room he is bombarded with questions from his members.         “What happened?”         “Is it serious?”         “Hyung you ok?”         “What did she say?”         “Do we need to call the manager?” The questions continue but all he can do is laugh bitterly. “They’ll never understand,” he says to them. “All they do is schedule & plan, plan & schedule. This band here, that group there. This artist gets this much time. That duo? We can squeeze them in here,” he says into the sudden silence that fills the room. The members all stand quietly waiting for him to continue.    "I'm sorry, you all were asking questions & I just started rambling," he says clearing his throat. "You wanted to know if it was serious right? No, no it wasn't. She wanted to talk about how long we went on & how it's 'Becoming a pattern'," at this point he realizes that his members are changed & ready to go. He walks over to where his things are & starts changing while talking. "Do we need to call the manager? No, we'll see him at the hotel shortly & I'll fill him in then. I'm fine, just aggravated & ready to get out of here," he finishes up while sliding his shoes back on. He looks around the room "Everyone got everything? Yes? Good, lets get out of here," he walks back to the door. The oldest & youngest hang back to walk with their leader. The rest are talking quietly amongst themselves as they filter back into the hallway & start heading for the exit.       "You're sure you're ok hyung?"       "I told you I'm fine..."      "We know you, spill it."      " I'm really ok guys, chill.”      “If you say so, but only until we get to  the hotel.”      “What hyung said.”      “Aish! What am I going to do with the two of you?”      “Give up trying to hide anything from us & just spill your guts hyung. It’ll hurt less if you stop fighting us.”    Shaking his head & smirking the leader gives in, “Alright, alright. We’ll talk more at the hotel. Happy?” The two look at him, “Yes, very.” By this time the others have piled into the van that will take them to their hotel for the night. The three lollygaggers pile in & the driver pulls away from the curb. At the hotel…   The group climbs out of the van & heads for the hotel entrance.         “Hey! Who’s got the keys to our rooms?”         “Our manager should be waiting for us upstairs with them.”        “I don't see why we can't hold onto them ourselves…”        “One word...sasaengs.”       “Good point, I withdraw my complaint.” Laughing & joking with one another the boys head for the elevator to meet up with their manager.     Arriving on their floor the group pours out of the elevator still laughing & joking with each other. Meanwhile walking towards them with her nose stuck in a book is another guest in the hotel. The leader being completely wrapped up in joking with his members walks right into her. The book in her hands hits the floor mere seconds before her backside does the same. Beside himself with embarrassment the leader scrambles to help her up.      “I’m so sorry, let me help you.”      “It’s fine I should have been looking where I was going.”      “No, no! It’s my fault entirely, please take my hand.”     “Please don't worry yourself, I tend to lose all sense of my surroundings when I’m reading.”     Finally on her feet again with her book in hand, the woman stares steadily at her feet & thanks him for helping her up. All the members are watching her now & she can feel the eyes on her.           *Stupid! I should have been paying attention! How do I get out of this without embarrassing myself more?! Oh Goddess just let the floor open up & swallow me! Where’s Q.S. when I need her?! She never would have ended up in this situation….* Clearing his throat to get the woman’s attention the leader tries talking to her again.     “Where are you headed? Can I walk you back?”     “N-n-no! Please no, that really isn’t necessary.”     “It’s really no trouble & I would feel better knowing you made it back to wherever you're headed without another accident.” Glancing up quickly towards the end of the hallway the woman gets her bearings & starts walking. The leader reaches out & lightly grabs her arm, she instantly freezes.      “I’m sorry but I really have to insist on walking you back.”     “Please don’t touch me, I don't like it. Also, I already told you it’s not necessary I know where I’m headed & my book is staying closed.”     “You're quite stubborn aren’t you?”     “Hahaha, stubborn is one of the nicer ways it’s been put but yeah I am.” Just then….   One of the members walks up & whispers into the leader’s ear.        “We need to get to the manager, we’re all exhausted & it’s an early flight back home.” The leader nods in response, his attention still fixed on the woman in front of him. The other man sighs quietly.        “Fine, we’ll head on without you but don't be too long… You know how the manager gets when one of us wanders off on our own.” Again a nod. Shaking his own head the man rejoins the others.        “Come on guys, he’ll catch up.” They continue on towards their managers room. Just as they round the corner at the end of the hallway footsteps can be heard approaching from the opposite end.        “Jack! There you are! What’s taking you so long to get back? We were starting to think you got kidnapped!”        “Kidnapped? Me? Yeah right! The kidnapper would realize their mistake in two seconds & let me go! Hahaha!”    The leader stands there completely flabbergasted at the change in the woman in front of him.  *What the hell just happened? She was all shy & tongue-tied & now it’s like she’s someone else entirely! Who’s this other woman? Did she have to walk up this very second? I want to talk to the one I bumped into longer. What am I thinking? Have I gone crazy? I don’t know anything about her but I want to. I need to get back to the guys, this is crazy… I’m never going to see her again so I should just say goodbye & be on my way.*     “I see the book in your hand. Walking & reading again huh? You know you really need to stop doing that, we never know where you get off to when you do. Come on the girls are waiting & room service should be there by the time we get back,” Q.S. says starting to pull her friend back in the direction she came from. Throwing a quick glance at the obviously dumbfounded stranger she says, “Thanks for trying to help, she’s a horrible bookworm & get into all kinds of trouble on her own.” The troublemaker pipes up, “Hey! I’m standing right here Q.S.! I don’t get into trouble, I just get lost in the story & then people pop up! It’s not my fault I like my books more than I like most people you know!”     Q.S. shakes her head & laughs, “Yeah yeah I know, just like the incurable shyness until you get comfortable around someone. Let's go, it’s late & we have to be up early.” Dragging her feet Jack follows along behind her best friend. The man stilling standing there trying to process what just happened finally shakes himself & gets walking again. *So this is normal for her huh? And she’s shy? That’s kind of cute. Her friend called her Jack, is that her name? Or is it a nickname?* Shaking himself again he mumbles, “Knock it off! Why are you so curious about a woman all of a sudden? You know you can’t pursue anything so get your head out of the clouds.”      A few minutes later both parties have gotten to their hotel rooms safely & are bombarded with questions from their friends. The women:      “Finally! Where was she?”       “What took so long? The foods been here for 10 minutes, I’m starving! Can we eat now?”        “So what happened this time? I see the book in your hand.”         “Meet anyone interesting? And by interesting I mean smexy & available.”          “Guccichu! Really?!”           “What!? Why can’t I ask that? We are on vacation right? I wanna know where the hotties are!”           “Hahahahaha! Lord what am I going to do with y’all?”            “Right!? Why are we friends again?” The men:  “About time hyung! What took so long?”             “Seriously, do you like making us worry?”              “Did you stop & see the manager?”              “Are you hungry? Room service should be here soon.”              “So, you get her number?”              “Wait! What!? Maknae! Why would you ask a question like that!?”               “You guys really didn’t see the look on his face when he saw that girl? Come on! He was like a deer in headlights!”               “Where do you learn this stuff?”       “Maknae, no more American television for you! You’re getting weirder & I didn’t think that was possible.”      As everyone is laughing & having a good time enjoying the rest of their night, time passes & they all head for bed. Little do they know what’s in store for them all.
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