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Imagine Jay hinting all night that he wants you. At dinner he won't stop touching your hand and at the movie he smoothed his hand down your back to touch your butt. He invites you into his house for a glass of champagne and slowly but surely gets closer and closer to you. He'll place his hand on your thigh and smooth it up until he pushes your dress up a little while he leans in to kiss you. Imagine telling him it's your first time and that you're scared. His eyes light up knowing he'll be your first so he whispers, "I'll go slow babygirl." Before he takes you on an erotic get away.
Imagine Chase calling you and telling you to get on the video chat quickly. He won't tell you why but you hurry and get on anyway because it sounds urgent. The moment he pops up on screen he has an acoustic guitar in his hands and he starts singing a beautiful song about how much he misses you while he's away. At the end of it he says "Happy Birthday Y/n". You forgot it was your birthday and that was his birthday gift to you while he was away. You cry happily as you thank him for the birthday gift. He promises to be home soon and that he loves you.
Imagine Ju Kyung knowing you've had a bad day so he decides to take you out and go to the park. He challenges you to a basketball match and you chase him around the court while he keeps making shots and scoring points. You're both bad at basketball but it's fun and it definitely made you happy. He picks you up and spins you around to make you laugh more. He gives you light kisses all over just to make sure you're happy and his bright goofy smile warms your heart so much that your bad day is all forgotten.
Imagine Seonghwa knows how much you're a fan of Simon Dominic so he decides to send you a bunch of snaps of them hanging out together. You send him a text to tell him to stop teasing you but he keeps sending snaps anyway. To get him back you send him a snap of your suitcase and tell him you're leaving him and he texts you not to leave him and he's sorry. He blasts your phone with a million texts of apologies. Simon then sends you a text asking you to answer Seonghwa's texts because he's losing his mind. He bribes you by telling you he'll send you an autograph photo if you just calm him down. Seonghwa apologies and sends you an I love you text.
Imagine waking up to a beautiful morning and Kiseok has been watching you sleep. He scrunches his nose which makes you smile and he leans down to come kiss you. "Your brother dropped your niece off this morning Jagi." he tells you. You pop up from bed, "Oh my goodness I forgot why didn't you wake me!" you say. He chuckles and says, " You looked really cute sleeping like that I couldn't. She's in the living room watching TV and I gave her some cereal." he said. You start to get off the bed but he grabs you from behind and gives you a back hug. "Y/n let's have a princess of our own." he says. You're still half asleep so you say "Sure we'll work on it later." You get up but turn around to face him realizing what you just agreed to. He laughs seeing your face and you say," Wait I didn't-" "Too late Jagi, you've already agreed. Tonight I get to put a baby in you." he chuckles. "Aunt Y/n you're having a baby?" your little niece says while standing at your front door. You turn and sigh. Kiseok calls her over and because she adores Kiseok as much as he adores her she goes to him and he sits her on his lap. "Not yet little one but perhaps soon." he smiles at her. You look at this innocent picture before you and you realize that Kiseok would be a wonderful father someday.