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Bts Wings Tour @ Honda Center 170402

After months (years) of waiting, I finally got to see my boys live!
It was amazing!!! My entire body hurts! Even my throat and I'm not sure I can speak loud.
You know I fangirled hard!
They were real and huge!!! Like they were tall even from where I was standing.
Btw I was in Section 209 row A...all the way in the front. This is how close I was. Also look how empty the seats were in the beginning.
Tae was adorable! He would only stare at the fans with this very serious face (kind of scared me). Still he was cute and gorgeous looking! Wow! Seeing them up close like that was a dream come true.
Everyone had like 2000% energy and it made my concert experience overall the most magical time!
Also the one friend I made was super nice and it was weird because she loves Jimin and I love Tae. So our biases were switched heh.
They all sound the same! Their studio versions and live versions are pretty much identical. Especially Jungkook, woah that boy has great live singing. (They all do).
Not Today. Sorry for my horrible camera work, since I wasn't looking at it. Same for all the videos. And the screaming and the horrible but passionate singing.
I didn't get to record all the songs, because half way through the concert my storage ran out (how? I didn't have anything). So I only have to Cypher and only a minute of that. Also was able to clear up space for 2!3! (because I had to get this very emotional song)
Their introduction. It was amazing and their English is so much better now. Also, excuse my shaky movements, Tae was always staring off into our I got excited.
Baepsae. Dang! This was such an amazing performance (all of them were) I didn't get Am I wrong, because I wanted to save as much storage space. Seeing it live was ahhhh!!
Dope. Ooh, the synchronized dancing was holy to watch. This is one of the hardest choreos they have and it was great watching it. But in my excitement I had forgotten the lyrics (to most songs as well heh) even though I had practiced and memorized them week's ago.
Begin. This beautiful man....agh! He sounds exactly the same! I was closer than what my video looks like and it was weird.....seeing him in person! Those thighs though....
Lie. Dude....this is the dance I didn't want to see, since he danced it a lot. I wanted to see my reaction when he performed it live for the first time and I have to blew me away! Jimin is breathtaking in real life, more so than Jin or Tae (although they all are handsome live). He also sounds the same while singing.
First Love. Now this, this was such an emotional song, as the other solos, but Yoongi rapping with such depth made me tear up a bit at the end. Not to mention that he looked like he was about to cry. Everyone says just how unreal his rapping is and now....I could see why. Keep moving forward Yoongi!!
Lost. First of all, when did they have a dance for this??? I was expecting them to stand or walk around but no?! They were dancing and it was amazing. Screamed a little louder than normal when I saw them dancing. Jin from where I was, danced great. Jimin and Kookie were amazing as always. Tae....ahh....he was woah amazing!!
Save Me. Okay, it took me by surprise to the see the other's come up from the stairs near the side of the stage. Also, do you see that Tae was on my side and staring!! You don't realize the struggles I had for him to notice me....not sure if he did but at points I feel like he did. Save Me, the dance is crazy live!!! Loved to see the support each member had when it was their turn!
Reflection. Now this is where Sam...starts to give in to the feels. Not many people I know like Monie's solo...and I'm not sure why? This is a great masterpiece of a song, which emotion and it's real. I'm so glad I was a part of screaming We Love You. Monie has to see the incredible support and love his fans have for him. I hope he keeps going and ignoring haters.
Stigma. Now this is the song I was waiting for! I just knew it was going to break me and wow!! Tae's voice is heavenly Such a deep voice but his high notes killed me. At the end he was giving his all!!! So much that he even teared up, it was sad to see them cry. Although who can really blame them? They have fans singing along with them (in my case horrible shouting).
Mama. Another feels train. I knew he was going to cry at some point (he did a bit in the end). It was great seeing it in person and to see him so happy. About all the screams he had just for him, to show him just how much we love him and that he is a part of Bts no matter what anyone says. Hobi, did you see how much love Army's have for you? The dance was cute and just fun to watch.
Awake. My favorite song off of Wings album, like hands down. The greatest song to have blessed this world. Everyone cheered super loud. I sang super loud and then tried singing lower so I could actually hear him! Jin gave his all and it showed, I cried two times and he cried at the end. Tried but failed to get people to shout you can fly at the end. Thank you Jin for even existing, I got to see you.
Cypher 4. I only got a minute because of storage. Then went crazy trying to get space. This was the craziest shit ever!!!! Woah is all I have to say. The energy they had was off the roof!!!! Plus those outfits just screamed Cypher!!! Yeah I had lots of fun during this song!!!
They played way more songs than I recorded. Off the top of my head, it was Fire, I need u, Bs&t, remix of old songs(n.o, no more dream, boy in luv, run and I know there was another but can't bring it up), 21st century girls, and the Outro. All of which are amazing and ingrained in my memory forever. Even the talks they had.
2!3!. This was and is an emotional song!! They definitely cried at this one but I couldn't see very well because I was crying as well. Only knew that they were once I saw my video. Singing with Army's was the best experience and the Rainbow ocean was breathtaking! Even Namjoon pointed out how great it looked.
Pictures of Spring Day. After not wanting to see the dance for so was beautiful the whole thing was an intricate story. I had enough space to record it, since I was singing my voice off (I was proud to have managed to sing the entire song).
Saying goodbye was so hard, they kept being on stage and doing cute things. Honestly the best day of my life, because I got to see them live after two years! I can't wait for upcoming concerts, to make new memories and friends.
Had a great time with my friends. Even though we were in different sections!!
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Your so lucky y I wanted to go see them so bad but I will wait for nxt time they are so popular even even more in the states now so I'm sure they will be back and I am so going. Thx a lot for sharing this your awesome and storage on phones omg the struggle is to real am I right? I had that problem when I went to Kcon 2015 but hey atleast I got some video 😂😂. Now to watch your videos this totally made my night already once again thx 😊❤
Ah you're welcome! I'm glad that I made someone's day better heh. Yeah they will surely come more often now, also I got my ticket on luck. I had given up and was doing it at Powerhouse, well it surprised me once I got the ticket! Struggle is so real! I missed some pretty amazing performances but at least it's in my memory. You're so welcome again and enjoy (my horrible camera work and singing)
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