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I sure most of you have noticed that I was updating that chapters that I have published with a new cover. I have been busy trying to organize not only Suga’s story, but others as well. I have been working on chapter six for you guys. I have had writers block with this story so I have been working on others along with coming up with new ones. Don’t worry I didn’t forget about Suga’s story. I have a lot in store for Peyton and Suga. In other news, I am hoping when I get to halfway point with Love at First Sight, I plan to share other stories that I have come up with.

One is called Save Me starring Jungkook. This story is going deal with the occupations that they dressed up as in Dope. In this story Jungkook is in love with a girl who has an abusive boyfriend. He wants to protect her only she doesn’t want him protecting her when she is in way protecting him. The plot is still in the working process. I have been dreaming ab0ut this story lately so I’m hoping to have it up when I’m at the halfway point with Love at First Sight. Jungkook’s story was inspired by this fmv
Another one is called Bulletproof Café. This one stars Jimin, this is just one out of many stories that I have with him staring in. The main female character will also have the same name but her personality will be different.
Welcome to Bulletproof Café where your frowns are turned upside down with the charms of 7 men. Genius Suga to lighten your mood with his music. Handsome Jin to make your mouth water with the delicious food that he makes. The Sunshine trio; J-Hope, V, Jimin, to make your day bright with their smiles as they take your order and bring it to you. Cute bunny eyed smile, Jungkook as your host and Rap Monster to make sure that you leave with a smile on your face. What happens when a small-town girl comes to the big city and meets with her childhood best friend? She then asks for a job and he offers to help only she gets a job at a café that only allows men to work there. Somehow, she can work there to help bring in male customers. Everything seems to go smoothly until she meets the playboy of the café. Can she take the play boy and make him into a one-woman man?
Dae Eun leaves the shelter of her small town of Daegu to find something to do with her life. She moves to Seoul in hopes to find it. When she meets with her childhood friend Taehyung, he helps her along her journey to find what she is good at. By doing so he helps her get a job and a place to stay. Being grateful Dae Eun tells him that she will pay him back. Taehyung tells her instead of paying him back he wants her to stay away from Jimin.
Jimin is well known for his eye smile to will stop anyone in their tracks. That eye smile of his also gets him in trouble. After a month of not working after causing an incident he comes back to see that things are not the same when he left. There is a girl working there and she isn’t pretty as well as Taehyung’s good friend for his childhood. Even though he isn’t attracted to her looks he feels a connection with her. Only thing is that he doesn’t do the whole relationship thing and he has been warned to stay away.

Depending which one I will make sure to get to a halfway point with Suga’s story. With chapter six I am not sure when it will be posted but don’t worry I’ll have it posted as soon as possible. If you want to be tagged let me know and if you guys have an idea on what you like to be called rather than being called being tagged please let me know. I also want to say thank you for following and being patient with me.

Plz tag me In every single story that you write lol I enjoy reading them thx
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