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Hey so Imagine you work at the zoo. Live with you AoMg BF and you brought home an animal from the Zoo.
As Duck returned home from work. Thinking about you. As you come out from the empty spare room with a bucket of fish. He knew you was up to no good. As he looked in the room while you tried your best to keep him from that room. Yeah no good. He found a family of penguins. As your ramblings of trying to explain why. He just laughed and hugged you. He knew you better and that you were just helping.
Gray coming home from a long day at work all he wanted was some cuddles and sleep. But you were so called no where to be found till he found you in the extra room with a baby Panda. You had set up a nest like area for the baby to sleep you heard the door open and you ssshhhh him as he looks at you lost. You tell him that the baby was rejected and that you was trying save it. He walks up to you sitting on the ground feeding the baby kisses your forehead and says he will be waiting for to put him to bed next.
Jay knew you were up to no good when you called and asked about the spare bedroom. He thought one of your friends or sister was going to be staying for a bit. But to his surprise you had brought home a Black Leppard cub. He was about to ask when you turned to face him with pout and explaining that the cub had no room at the zoo till they fixed it up. You even named the cub Bagheera. Knowing the love you have for animals he couldn't really say no.
Knowing Simon you figure he would have loved the idea of a Tiger Cub. But yup not really. it was just you. But knowing how much you love tigers he was ok with as long as it went back to the zoo when it almost got to be a full sized adult. He wondered why did he put up with you for so long. As he thought about it thats right you knew how to cook. You also got meat shipped to you every two weeks from you sister in the states. But he loved you none the less. In time before Rajah [tiger cub name] went back he grew attached to it he almost cried. You told him he could vist Rajah all the time.

Well i hope you guys liked that.

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aw Simon. Gray thinks he's slick. Yessssss Duckie knows me so much