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Hello my fellow ELF! It's Melissa. I want to send out a special thanks to @QueenPandaBunny for letting me stay in her mod support for another Quarter.
I'll be supporting Siwon on Sundays. I'll be sharing everything about Siwon, even his dramas. So be on the look out for my Siwon Sunday cards. I encourage any one wants to post on Siwon Sunday, please do so.
One of my features is Super Junior M Monday. I'll be sharing all that is about Super Junior M. I'll be participating in other Super Junior features. So be on the look out for my cards. We are encouraging participation from the community.
Let me share some random fun and not so fun facts about me.
My name is Melissa Garza. I was born and raised in Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi. I currently live in Waco. I been a Super Junior fan or ELF for awhile now. Super Junior was one of the groups that drew me in to the kpop world.
I work for a company called Trane. It's a manufacturing plant in McGregor, Texas. I've been working for the same company going on 17 years.
There is one thing I love more then kpop, which is wrestling especially WWE. I've been a fan most of my life.
Roman Reigns
The Rock
Randy Orton
Brock Lesner
These are some of my favorite WWE super stars.
I'm Boys Republic Moderator. I'm going on my 3rd Quarter as their moderator.
I'm in too many mod supports to mention them.

My UB group is Boys Republic.
My UB is Sunwoo from Boys Republic.
My UB wreckers is a tied between Jackson from GOT7 and Siwon from Super Junior.
I'm a multi-fan in multiple fandom.
As a result, I have lots of bias from different kpop groups.
My hobbies are reading, crotcheting, watching dramas (yes that's a hobby too) and now writing fan fictions.

Well that's basically who I am. If you have any questions about me, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Super Junior 4.0

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@sukkyongwanser Thank you!
Hello again! Congratulations!