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A new update for you all. its getting hot steamy and angsty! I hope you enjoy this chapter!
Warning there is foul language and smut in this chapter

Grace point of view once more

Chapter 6

When I was done with all my work I laid back on my couch tired. Who knew going through pictures of men in their underwear would wear me out, and not for the right reasons. Today's job had been going over the different brands of men's boxers and how the advertisements affected the outcome of males buying them. The amount sold of each brand and The comments people posted, some proved to be more kinkier than I thought.
Tad had called earlier to see what I was up to tonight, but I brushed him off saying I worked late. After the other night I didn't think I could face him, hell after this morning I couldn't face Jimin. Fuck me and my ability to blurt out whatever during sex. I had told him I was his, I meant it in so many more ways than just sexual. Here's to hoping he didn't read into it too Much.
I heard the jingle of keys and than my door opening making me close my eyes. I ignored him as he came in making a crap load of noise and plopped down next to me.
“Are you trying to get yourself off?” There was amusement in his voice which I couldn't help but smile.
“If only” I sighed.
“So why do you have 4 different pictures of men half naked on your screen.
“Research” I said not opening my eyes.
“Research? On which pair of boxers you want to buy me?” There was that tone of playfulness that had me wanting to giggle.
“Nope.” I said the continued “you don't wear underwear” I added which in turn made him chuckle next to me
I could just imagine the look on his face, his eyes crinkled in laughter, his mouth a true smile with amusement, I peaked, I had to see. Yup just as I imagined.
“You would know that” he said after he settled.
“I could double check, you know just to make sure I'm right” I hinted.
“No” he coughed clearing his throat making me frown. “Uh no that's okay, your wrong right now anyway” he said.
“Oh am I? Jiminie I found your boxers under the couch before I started working. I know your commando” I pointed out. His cheeks turned slightly pink at that comment.
“I uh put some on at home” he covered up. Looking down at his lap, I knew I was right and he was lying.
“Well now I'm curious” I said smiling as my hands wandered down to his zipper. His hands stopped mine before I could do anything.
“Grace no” Jimin sounded stern all of a sudden.
“No?” I cocked an eyebrow. He was really going to tell me no now? I could feel him straining against the zipper, I knew he wanted it, and I wanted to feel him in my hands.
“No Grace” Jimin said more firmly. “No sex today” he announced.
“Really?” I stared at him for a long time before I let my breath out and dropped my hands away from him.
“Fine” I said. “I figured you were going to get bored with me eventually” I said standing up.
“Bored?” His word came out a whisper but I still heard it loud and clear.
“Yes, I mean its been a month, I'm very vanilla I know your kinkier than me” I pointed out. “Well whatever” I tried acting like it didn't matter to me, deep down even my own words stung.
“Gracie” he sighed.
“Its cool, we can stop now.”,I nodded. I couldn't face him, standing and going to the kitchen was better. I pulled out my tea kettle and filled it with water. Maybe I needed something stronger than tea, hell a stiff drink would be more appropriate.

“No, no I don't want to stop” Jimin said. I hadn't realized he had followed me since he was so silent. “I love you..R body” his words were stuttered, pausing on the word love and adding on the last word like halfway through he altered his sentence.
My eyes widened, what the hell was this!? Alarm bells blared in my head.
“You love my body? So glad to hear that” I huffed angrily.
“No no I didn't mean it like that . . . okay I did, I do love your body, you're soft in all the right places your toned and strong where you need to be, your body drives me nuts” I rushed his words.
Finally turning to him I crossed my arms over my chest now feeling self concious of my large breasts and my chubby face.
“So nice of you to mentions my features” I huffed. Jimin looked bewildered and not sure what to do.
“So what does this mean Jimin? Is that all supposed to be a compliment? Or are you making fun of my flaws?” I narrowed my eyes at him. His shock was apparent.
“No! No! Its supposed to be compliments! Always compliments” his words were loud at first but softened at the end.
“Okay, but you didn't have to point out the things I hate about myself” I said.
“But I love those things about you, your breasts are so soft and fill my hands, your big enough that . . I mean you have amazing love handles that I can hold onto and feel you against me”
he kept trying and in turn I continued to glare even as I softened inside knowing these were supposed to be complements.
“When we have sex I can see your whole body shake and shudder against me. Gracie you are perfect the way you are”
Shit, he had to go mentioning that, I shuddered feeling turned on by his words.
“Fuck Jimin” I cursed “enough foreplay” my mask of anger broke and I stepped closer to him.
“Uu No” there was that word again.
“Your saying that word a lot tonight” I said. “I don't like it” I added.
“Grace, I don't want to have sex tonight” he said making me just stare. “Okay I do, but not right now. Right now I want to take you out” he groaned.
My eyes shot wide open.
“What?” I was at a loss.
“Gracie I'm switching it up.  I want to go out with you” he said.
“Uh as friends right? You want to go hang out as friends. Hmm we haven't done that in a while.” I said.
I thought about it. Granted we hung out sometimes after sex, but not so much as just hanging out to hang out together. When the hell did that stop?!
“ No” there was that word again. “I want to take you out on a date Gracie” he clarified.
“What the fuck!” I exclaimed.

Not the reaction he was expecting, not the reaction I expected either.
“Jimin that's against the rules.” Startled I continued. “Wait your not falling for me are you? This was just scratching an itch, just sex between friends” I said.
His eyes narrowed.
“You think this is just an itch to scratch? What your just my play thing?” He was angry. Super angry now.

Shit, I wasn't ready to admit I was falling for him, I wasn't ready to go forward, I so wasn't ready for any of this. It needed to end, Now! God I was going to kill myself with this, and probably break his heart along the way if he really had fallen for me. No, no that can't be true, he couldn't he's smarter than that. I completely deny everything!

“What the hell is wrong with you Grace? Do you think so little of yourself that you just think people, You think I could just use you like that!” He was shouting.
“That's what this was about. You even agreed to it, hell you started it!” I shouted back.
“You think, wait, does that mean you just saw me that way? Grace did you just fuck with me? Literally? Fuck me as if I'm your vibrator? Fuck Grace” he was shaking with anger.
His finger came out and he was pointing at me now. “If you think I'm that easy you're fucking wrong Grace, you don't know me at all!” He exclaimed. At that he turned around and left.
Jimin made it to the door and paused. I was so shook I just stood there.
The tea kettle started whistling. fuck that blew up so fast, the amount of time to boil water and this was all gone, hell he probably never wanted to see me again. I turned to stove off and moved the kettle over.
I heard him stomping before I saw him. Jimin was back! A thrill went through me.

“Jimin, I never saw you like-” he cut my words off with his lips. He was rough, more so than usual. I could feel his anger in the kiss but he didn't stop
“If this is just an itch I'm going to scratch it so hard you won't need it anymore” he spat out as he started pulling my top off. His eyes landed on his breast “and fuck do I need to scratch my itch” he groaned.
I knew he just threw my words back at me, I didn't care he came back.
“Don't say my name” he hissed as his hands groped my breasts, his fingers squeezing my nipples a little too hard for my liking but it turned me on. His mouth skimmed down my collar bone and replaced one of his hands. My arms wrapped around him, I could feel his shoulder blades as he moved. His hands went down my body and he was unzipping my pants and pushing the to the floor. He turned us away from the stove and to the counter. His fingers touched me feeling me to see I was wet. With a groan he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out.
“You were right, no underwear” he mumbled as he rammed into me in one swift movement making my moan out. The suddenness making me tighten up against him even as he continued to move. After several moments he stiffened and pulled out coming between us, getting all over my stomach. I thought he would put himself back inside of me but he stepped away wiping himself off and tucking himself back in his pants. I wanted to cry all of a sudden. He was ending this like that.
“I scratched my itch. I'm done Grace” he said angrily.

I crumbled to the grounding, my body didn't even feel close to an orgasm. I heard the door slam making me wince when all was silent did I let myself burst into tears.
“I screwed up so bad” I cried to myself.

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@FromBlue2U @SugaKookieV lol its shocking!!! love the reactions, from all of you, ... and thanks tiger for saying you liked the angst I have to write out the next chapter soon now
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Aww Glacie, why?!!! Jimin was trying to show you he cared for you more then a friend!! Just accept it and jump for joy girl!!! lol
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