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Hello guys! I'm so so so glad to be on the BTS mod team! So here goes first week!
~My name is Hannah and I am 19 years old.
~The only things I do with my free time are play video games and watch various kpop things on YouTube.
~My top three kpop groups are BTS, Block B, and Monsta X. Got7 is starting to climb up there though. I do listen to lots and lots of other groups, but it's mainly these four that I listen to.
~My ultimate bias is Rap Monster and I fangirl whenever he is mentioned.

And with that, I shall introduce who I am representing this quarter...
Yes! Rap Monster♡♡
I'm extremely excited and lucky to do this and I will be sure to try my best! Also, I will be doing cards on Tuesday starting next week~


Official Army Taglist:

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Hello Hannah!! I'm looking forward to your cards!! My bias is also Rap Monster and can't wait to see what you post! Let's be friends!!! 。^‿^。
wow im so excited you are taking over namjoon from me! I look forward to all your cards and namjoon spams!