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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first Inseong and Dawon day!!

Today I'll be introducing both the boys to you!! I hope you come to love them very much!

About Inseong:

Birth Name: Kim In Seong
Stage Name: Inseong
Birth Date: July 12th, 1993
Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer
Blood Type: A
Height: 6'0"/184 cm
Other Facts:
-He is the oldest member.
-He can speak English.
-He studied in London for 1 year.
-He is left handed.
-He shares a room with Rowoon.
-He stays in a dorm with Rowoon, Taeyang, and Chani. The other members live in a different dorm.

About Dawon:

Birth Name: Lee Sang Hyuk
Stage Name: Dawon
Birth Date: July 24th, 1995
Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'10.5"/179 cm
Other Facts:
-He's the jokester of the group.
-He plays a main role in the web drama Click Your Heart.
-He shares a room with Hwiyoung.
-He stays in a dorm with Jaeyoon, Youngbin, Hwiyoung, and Zuho.

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See you next week! ;)
They are so cute.
Right? Makes you wanna love them right??
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You're welcome!!