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Yes the preview is out! And by the look of it, it seems that there is going to be more drama in the episode to come! Click on the video to watch it on Viki with Eng. subs or if Viki doesn't work you may click on the link bottom to watch the video on the blog, but they don't seem to have the translation yet. Check it out and go ahead and share your thoughts. Peace :) @MasriDaniela @nylamrehs The preview take a look! You guys have been dying for it as much as I have, haha. :p
thank you!
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No problem. :) Hope you like it! ^^
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@evelynmendoza14 i found it now oaaaaa
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really i am dying can't wait after it finishes i will watching again hhhhhhh
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hahaha me too! :) @MasriDaniela
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