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Hey guys it's good to be back supporting our fantastic boys. Here is my intro and I'll link my old one as well if your bored and want to keep reading. Oldintro
πŸ‰ D.O.B 06/15/91 πŸ‰ My UB group is Beast and now Highlight
πŸ‰ Dongwoon is my UB who lives on the top of the hill in my heart. He watches all the peasants down bellow as they try to climb their way up.
πŸ‰ I got into kpop in 2012 when I found Beast online. I fell in love after two music videos πŸ‰ I love many other groups including B.A.P, BTS, VIXX, BigStar etc.
πŸ‰ I'm in love with the colors lime green and mint. πŸ‰ I use the phrase "I see," ALLOT πŸ‰ Currently I have been listening to Monsta X. Helixx got me into them and she dunked my head under water and forced me to see pictures of Wonho until I loved him. Jk but really she did spam me and I fell in love haha.
He is just too great. πŸ‰ My current Bias wrecker is Jongup from B.A.P. He kills me lately!!!
Alrighty guys that's about it.
I really loved your intro card!
Thank you!!
*smirks* Wonho, hehe.
hhhhmmmm Jongie huh? 😎😎