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ctress Lee Yeon Hee recently confessed what she thinks of her on-screen partner Ok Taecyeon. During the October 27 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment,” the lead actors and actresses of the upcoming movie “Marriage Blue” participated in a short interview. In addition to 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Hui Jun, Go Jun Hee, Guzal, and Ma Dong Duk are also playing the main couple roles. When the reporter asked Ok Taecyeon what his dating style was like in real life, the idol responded, “It depends on the person.” Upon hearing this, the other actors reacted by jokingly calling him a player. The star was also asked to describe himself as either a good guy or a bad guy. When he revealed that he considered himself to be quite the gentleman, actress Lee Yeon Hee shared her opinion and caused everyone to burst into laughter. ”I think he is a bad guy,” she joked. “We shot many love scenes, but he constantly rejected me. I was hurt a lot.” The movie, “Marriage Blue” will premiere on November 21!
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