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Waddup doe!!!!! It's ya girl Kim here!!!! I'm so glad that @amobts has added me to her team. Of course I'll be helping on bringing on the beautiful, and.........damnit, Seungri!!!!! You is super distracting with your chesticles and abs and whatnots!!!! You stop being illigal!!!!!!!!

While I try not to stare and drool, allow me to introduce myself, My name is Kimberly, but you can call me Kim. I'm 30 yrs young. I'm from a small town called Oak Park Michigan, which is north of Detroit and yada, yada, yada. (yep, I live in the state that's shaped like a mitten)
Some interesting and random facts about me is that:

1)I can be very shy at first, but once I warm up, I'm a social butterfly that won't shut up
2) I've fell in the K-Pop hole in December 2014 and has not came out since
3) I'm a multi fandom and multi shipper
4) I love the heat, but I live in a state where the air hurts my face (why does the air hurts my face)
5) I am a sweetie pie, but once crossed the wrong way, it aint a pretty site to see

I'm pretty sure you all seen me around. I am the mod for Super Junior (meh babehs!!!!!) and mod support for Jay Park (heathen), Leeteuk, and Chanyeol. I'm also apart of the House of Exctessy too, so keep an eye out on those cards. Well that's all I got for now. I'll catch you all in the next card!!!!!

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it's ok, I live in a state that looks like a boot and I love the cold (plus I almost dropped my food because of seungri being smexy)
Wow, what a way to start off with hot guys.
*insert v's creeper face