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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1576 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me? Part 2
Y/N’s Pov: You had woken up early and decided to not make breakfast that way you'd be empty to eat lunch. You made your bed and brushed your teeth, it was 9:00 am and you had till noon to get ready. It was still snowing outside so you picked out something cute but cozy. You had threw you hair up in a messy bun and got dressed.  Your makeup was light and natural, it was day time, they can actually see your face.  While waiting Chen had stopped by to talk. He was on break and just wanted to chill for a while so you made him some coffee. “So you actually got the courage to meet them?” You nodded. “I didn't think you had it in you. I'm proud of you.” He said hugging you. “Thanks, but I'm still scared. I'm meeting them for lunch today, too. I guess they still want to get to know me.” You said handing him his coffee. “Hey the guys still want to get to know you too, you haven't talked to them in oh I don't know THREE YEARS!” Chen yelled at you. After you had met them the day after he had told you Chanyeol had developed feelings for you, but you never talked to Exo after that. He did eventually move on, I think a year ago he started dating a girl he met on an app call Vingle or something like that. “I know Chen, maybe when I get through meeting Vixx.” You said sitting next to him. “Really?” You nodded and smiled at him. “Woah, you must have had something at that dinner last night, because you'd never agree to this any normal day.” He placed his hand on your forehead. “Are you feeling ok? Do you need a doctor or something?” “I'm fine Chen, I do feel confident though, nervous but confident” you smiled at him. “Good, I really think you're growing up” you punched him in the shoulder. “Ok ow!”  You laughed at his reaction. You phone started to ring, it was Ken. Probably gonna remind you about lunch. “Hey Ken!” You said answering the phone. “Yo geek I'm might be a little late, turns out Leo’s at the studio so I'll pick him up first then come get you” he said clearly being on speaker. “Wait, so he's gonna be in the car with us?” You said all confidence flying out the window. “Yeah I'm sorry, he'd end up missing the lunch and he hasn't eaten so I gotta pick him up.” You sighed. “Ok….is he in the studio across town?” You asked quietly. “Yeah, I'll leave 30 minutes early but I still might be a little late.” You could tell he felt bad. “It's ok Ken, just gives me more alone time” Chen scoffed. “Ok, I'm gonna try and finish this song so I can leave early, later Nerd!” With that he ended the call. “Alone time huh?” Chen said looking. “Shut up!” You said rolling your eyes.  Chen and you talked for a while to waist your time. Around 11:30 he got a phone call. “Hello” he answered. “Haha just on break, no I'm with y/n” you looked at him, who is he talking to? “Y/n Xiumin says hi” you started to blush, you remember Xiumin, he was really sweet. He's the one that helped Chen get you off of Kia. “Ok I'll be there in 15, later” he ended the call and stood to rinse his cup in the sink. “I gotta head out for practice. Call me later?” You nodded and walked him to the door. When you opened it your jaw dropped.  Walking up the driveway, there he was, Leo. You and Chen stepped out.   “Oh what's up Leo?” Chen said walking to his car, while Leo nodded. “L-Leo? W-what are doing here?” You stuttered. “I finished early and Ken was taking to long.” He said stopping in front of you then raising an eyebrow. “Are you going to invite me inside, or am I gonna have to freeze?” “Oh uh, yeah come in” you opened the door and let him in. “How did you know where I lived?” “Ken told me, said we'd stop by here to pick you up.” He said sitting on your couch. “Why did you walk here?” You asked quietly. “Look it'd be faster for him so we're not late, any more questions?” You shook your head. “I didn't know you lived alone, you should really find a roommate” you just looked him. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO TALK TO HIM WITHOUT KEN?!? “I guess you don't talk much alone.”  Ok y/n this is going south grab your phone and message Ken. When you looked around the room for it, you finally saw it…...on the couch….next to Leo…….KILL ME!!!!!! You stood up and started walking towards him making him raise an eyebrow. Your legs started to feel weak like jelly. No y/n! Not now! You bumped into your coffee table and fell but not on, nor towards Leo. That didn't stop him though, he was up on his feet with in seconds and caught you before you could fall completely. “Are you ok?” He looked at you still not letting go. Oh boy now my stomach feels funny. Y/n don't you dare throw up on him!  You grabbed his shoulders and nodded while he helped you back on your feet. Once up you snatched your phone and ran to the bathroom. Leaving Leo in the living room. WHAT THE HELL Y/N! You mentally slapped yourself and tried calling Ken. When he didn't answer and you started nervously messaging him.
You sat in the bathroom waiting for Ken, but you couldn't leave Leo out there. Ugh but you fell on the guy! Ok y/n, Ken will be here in 36 minutes, just talk to him. Ok let's do this.  You opened the door as he was putting his phone in his pocket. He looked up at you and you froze. Oh boy! Nope don't make eye contact y/n! Wait we're his eyes always that sparkly. And his hair, looks so smooth and his lips….. “Woah…” “What?” He looked at you confused. OMG YOU SAID THAT OUT LOUD? Omg you were starring!!! “Oh uh” you started to blush “I um talked to uh” “Ken?” You nodded “Yeah I know he’ll be here in 30 minutes”   “Yeah, I uh know…” you said walking towards him again. You felt your legs getting shaking and you stopped dead in front of him. “Oh um I just um well I aAHHH!” You tried to talk but screamed after Leo grabbed your arm pulling you to the couch. “Better?” He asked moving the hair from your face. “I uh haha um” you stuttered and started laughing at yourself. “What are you laughing at?” You priced your lips up. “I'll give you something to laugh about” he smirked and before you could ask he started tickling you, causing you to laugh like crazy. “What? What are laughing about haha?” “Leo hahah please haha stop haha.” He stopped tickling you and hugged both of you laughing. “You know I don't have your number, I can call you next time, here” he handed you his phone and you put your number in. “Maybe I'll message you, let's Not Talk on the phone yet.”  You and him sat there looking through your phones. He messaged you pictures of you sitting next to you making you giggle. You and him got up instantly  when you heard Ken knocking on your door. You opened the door and he flew and hugged you. “I'm so sorry, I would have came earlier” he pulled and then his head shot up. “And you!” He moved you aside and walked up to Leo. “Why didn't you tell me you were coming here?” “I called, you didn't answer.” He said blunt with a smirk in his face. “Oh. Well why didn't you message me?” Ken asked. “Three times” “Why'd you walk here and not the dorm?”Ken asked getting suspicious. “Her house was closer” “Couldn't walk to the restaurant?” “Nope would've gotten there early.” “Hmmm ok” Ken said then turned to you. “Did you guys talk?” You were about to answer but before you could Leo stepped in. “No” you looked over at him surprised. “She stayed in the bathroom the whole time, she only came out when you knocked.”  You were shocked. Does he not want to tell Ken? Did you do something wrong? “Ok well we better go, the guys are already there.” You nodded, grabbed your bag and left. The car ride there was so awkward. Ken turned on the radio you and him started dancing a little, but when you looked behind you, Leo looked so pissed off. So you stopped.  Once at the restaurant with the other guys, the tension slowly faded, the guys were ordering a lot, I guess they didn't eat either. All was going well till you looked over a Leo. He was staring you down, you had looked away then looked back to see him still looking at you. You pulled your phone out of your bag and started messaging him from under the table.
 You ended up putting your phone away and hung out with the guys. They broke more ice and started talking to you about their past before joining.  They were comfortable with you, you could actually have friends. Hopefully you could get to know Exo again, the fall wasn't that bad. Ok it's settled you'll call Chen tonight and make a date to see the guys again.  After the lunch you gave the guys your number. They messaged you right away, they took a picture with you and sent it to you. They were nice to hang out with. This shouldn't be hard, if they really like you like Ken said they do, than you'll be fine.  You got home and laid on your bed, this day could've been worse. You'll call Chen later today and tell him you want to see the guys again….maybe not Kia though, I might need a little more time with that.