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Hello Vampz and soon to be Vampz. There are a couple events coming up that I wanted to inform you about!

First off : Baron's birthday countdown

April 19th is Baron's birthday so from April 14th -April 19th there will be a countdown leading up to his birthday. There will be a card on the 13th announcing the event :)

Secondly : VAV App and Video chats

Yup you read that right VAV APP

VAV has their own app you can download it on the Google Play Store (Not sure for Apple App store?) All you have to do is register, Its Free!
Go download it :)
Did you download it?.... Good now for the Video chat...

Every now and then members or the whole group will have a Live Video Chat on the VAV app!
Some you have to win but most of them are for everyone! Its almost like the V app except a little more personal. The great thing about it is they have a translator there for the group and I believe they translate as they go along (Ace and Baron both know English well) ...

Now how do you know when their is going to be a video chat? Most the time they will post it on Instagram who is doing the chat and what its about. So go follow @vav_official on Instagram to find out... I will try my best to make an update card before hand also.

St.Van and Lou will be having a video chat on Sunday April9th 7:00pm Kst!

That is all for the updates for now :)
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Yay! I am excited about Baron's Birthday 😆