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So we know that Hinata and Naruto may die in this series, we also know that Himawari has the byakugan and Boruto looks to have a different strain of the tenseigan. So my questions are; where is Himawari? And if Naruto dies who would be the host to Kurama? Should and would Himawari be? These are just the questions I have, please let me know what you think.
but still why would they want to kill off the characters that we known to love throughout the series and why start off with the son being overpowering (?) and why not show himawari more but maybe that's just me owo
I think personally that there going to uses some of the fillers for her
Really I haven't hear about Sasuke, looks like I'll be doing some more reading
I thought they were supposed to kill of Naruto and Sasuke (it's rumored but idk about hinata getting killed off)