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At first I thought I just didn't like boruto (the character ) in general but what I really didn't like about him was his abilities. I don't know if that makes sense to you guys. But ya boruto is actually a cool guy and his dream is pretty cool. Only thing I didn't like was that he came out with all these strong abilities. Ya you would expect a strong child with parents from the uzumaki clan and the hyuga clan but he just came out a little too strong. Being used to Naruto, I saw him develope in all different areas. Not only that but prodigies in the Naruto anime were people like Sasuke Uchiha , orochimaru, and Neji Hyuga and when you compare those and even combine those three prodigies and make them fight boruto they would easily be defeated. I thought giving him one powerful special ability was pretty cool and interesting. But when they gave him two powerful abilities I told myself "what is this ?". But I will continue to watch the new boruto anime because it is still pretty interesting.
And these are my thoughts on the writer and the event with Naruto,Sasuke, boruto, and kawaki.......
There would have to be some dark moments to actually make the boruto anime better. But did the writer actually have to kill off Naruto and Sasuke ? It's not confirmed yet I think I don't know if it is then tell me below, thanks. But saying it is true how could this happen in the first place ? Naruto and Sasuke were way ahead of boruto even with his one special ability so I don't think another would close the gap or even be enough to pass them so how could they get killed by kawaki and how is boruto able to take on kawaki ? Were they taken by surprise ? Or were they overpowered ? Or could they have been sent to another place ? Saying they were overpowered or killed would get me a little mad only because boruto is able to take on kawaki and Naruto and Sasuke were not making baruto stronger than Sasuke or Naruto in only a few years !
Sarada is honestly my favorite character that had been introduced since the original Naruto. I'm kinda meh on Mitsuki and I feel like Boruto has room to grow so I'm giving him a pass for now. My biggest concern is power scaling because Boruto is already easily Jonin level and I don't want to see everyone become irrelevant so I'm a bit worried but I like what's been done so far.