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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Loco POV)~

Gray hyung and I were in a bakery, selecting out sweets, as I held a big stuff puppy. "So you're telling me, Y/N baby sister really is you're biggest fan?" Gray asked me since I told him I was planning to surprise visit Y/N sweet little sister. "Yeah, you sure you don't want to come join me?" Gray shook his head as picked out some cookies.

"Nah, you and Y.N need to do this together. No one else, because you two are going to be telling her sister, that you two are dating right?"

I simply nodded whilst picking out a few goodies myself. My crew still thinks I'm dating her, even though Y.N ran away from me. She didn't even give me a chance to tell her my reason. She just left which the most saddest expression I've seen her give. The lady at the counter packed up the basket and wrapped it as cutely as possible.

"Y/N actually doesn't know I'm going to visit her little sister. She told me that she was going to spend the whole day with her at the camp."

Gray nodded his head, as he grabbed the basket for me. I lied about where her sister was, because I gave Y.N my word, I wouldn't expose where her sister really was located. Gray hyung help me get the basket into my car, whilst I buckled in the stuff puppy toy. He then went his own way, before I drove my own way towards the hospital.

I texted Woo Bae to make sure Y.N was not at the hospital. I didn't want her to get upset that I was actually personally visiting her this time, over paying the bill again. I went through the underground parking lot to enter the building. Didn't want too many fans noticing my entering the hospital. A doctor noticed me though the moment I got on the floor, Y.N sister was on.

"Mr Kwon, what brings you here."

I just held up the stuff puppy plushie and the basket of sweets. "I've come to see a fan of mine, that just so happen to be my new girlfriend's sister." I lied to the doctor, since she and I were both hiding our dirty little secrets from the world. "Aw you're here to see the younger Miss Y.LN." He guided me to Y.N's sister room.

I looked at the name on the wall and saw her sister's name was Dawn. It made me smile, because it reminded me of Y/N's theif name. I enter the room, with the doctor, to see Dawn was sitting up, and seeming to doing class work. "Her sister has her being part of this online schooling, so right now she has class. The good thing is she can stop when ever she needs to and go back to the lesson later."

I couldn't believe that Y.N had manage to set this all up for her little sister. She found a way to get her sister treatment without taking away her education. "Dawn, you have a famous visitor today." Dawn looked up from her school work to look right at me. Her mouth hung open as she stared in awe at me.

"You're Loco from AOMG."

I smiled warmly at her behind placing the basket of sweets at the foot of her bed. I then came over to her, to hand over the big plushie puppy. She squeal before taking it from me and snuggling it as close as possible. "I love it!" I chuckled at how cute she was being.

Made me wonder of Y.N could be this cute. "Glad you like it. You're sister told me about you, and said you always refer me as Puppy oppa." Dawn's eyes were sparking as she nodded her head lightly. Dawn blinked confused, before making the puppy plushie join her pillows. "Oh! You're the man that's been having my sister twisted in the wind."

It was my turn to blink confused at her, as smiled warmly at me. "My sister has been acting strange, and comments about something some man does." So Y/N has been talking to her sister about me, but seems to be covering up something. She then swung the puppy at me, to hit my arm with it. "Just ask her out already."

I chuckled as she smiled at me so warmly. "She likes you, you big dummy. Why you make my sister suffer so much. That's my job." I smiled, before having the puppy plushie sit beside her. "What makes you so sure that I'm the man she likes?"

Dawn grin, before closing her laptop, and pushing the table away. "How can a crazy puppy be so bad but make the cruel world look so beautiful." I blinked at her as she tapped my nose playfully. "I know she means you, because the only person we ever call puppy is you. That and the fact that you just claim to be my sister's friend."

I smiled at her before petting her head. "I am trying to make you're sister my girlfriend, she just won't hear me out." She looked around before picking up her phone, and giving me a bear key chain. "Then take this.. she'll come to you to get it back. Giving you a chance to make her hear you out."

She place the key chain in my hands, as she made my fingers close around it. "My sister really does suffer a lot due to my illiness. She always giving me the world as best as she can. Which makes me worry about her and her happiness. Loco oppa, please... make my sister happy."

Dawn begging expression was breaking my heart. This bond these two had was unbelievable, and made me want to bet on them. "I'll try my best, as long as you keep trying your best to fight whatever this illness is." She crawl over to the edge of her bed, to only sit back down and hand me a clipboard.

"I am doing my best, but my education has show me that this was going to be a very long battle. I have a type of spine and brain cancer. They can't promise I will live to see tomorrow, but they have been fighting with me hard. I had a surgery that bought me a good couple of years."

I looked over her chart, and felt my chest tighten up. It said she only had so long to live, but there were so many notes. Most of the notes were then adding a year or a few months. She really was fighting and it was bring tears to my eyes, because she was living way pass the time the doctors predicted. I held out my pinky to her, after putting the chart back in its place.

Dawn happily interlock her pinky with mine, whilst smiling so warmly. "Lets do our best together."

Her face bright up so much it was like seeing the sunshine. She tackle hugged me, which I happily accepted with open arms.

Y.N and this angel have suffer so much...

all I wanted to do was help them ease this pain for them.

all comments are welcomed

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