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Well here it is I hope you guys enjoy what I have in store for you πŸ˜šπŸ˜‰
"BigHit cafe. Yup this is the place...or at least it should be." When you walked inside you searched for Nana and the rest of your group for your Marine Biology project when you saw right there across the room was Min Yoongi. What was he doing here? He had told you that he was out studying with Jungkook and the boys. You walked towards him to say hi but froze in your tracks. There you saw walking towards him was Hyeri with a big smile and Yoongi looking over her so charmingly. You were foreign to that look and he had never looked at you that way before. "Y/N over here!" Yoongi turned his head as he heard your name and you immediately looked away pretending to have never seen him and ran to Nana and the others. "What were you doing just standing there?" You weren't in the mood to talk let alone do the project but the due date was getting closer so you decided to just pretend nothing had happened,"I-I was loo--" I was interrupted by Hyeri, "Y/N can we borrow you for a sec." Nana looked at you and saw the uncomfortable look on your face,"Well actually this is--" You stood up from your seat,"This won't take a while...just go on ahead and assign stuff and I'll do my part." She nodded and you walked with Hyeri to where Yoongi and her were seating you took a seat immediately looking down. "Y/N..." I looked up at Yoongi saying my name, "We have something to tell you and..." You clenched your fists as the pain in your chest grew more intense. " I know you saw us. I didn't want you to find out this way...but I...I'm sorry." Tears threatened to spill out your eyes but you tried your best in holding them in. "I-" You stopped as you realized that your voice was wavering. You cleared your throat,"Yoongi...I uhm...I" You were at a loss for words not knowing what to say. Who do you blame for this? Yoongi? Hyeri? Yourself? You looked down and before you knew it the tears started to flow out,"Y/N..." Yoongi reached his hand out but you stepped back. You didn't want him to touch you because you knew if he did you wouldn't have the resolve to let him leave. You opened your mouth hesitating a bit but continued to whisper loud enough for just you three to hear, "Don't...just leave...please you can't have me thinking you care about me... because it only makes it harder for me." Yoongi and Hyeri looked at you. They looked apologetic but they still left. They left you there feeling so empty. Somehow you had managed to finish the project. Everyone in the group was quiet knowing well what had just happened. You made your way to your apartment and for some reason as soon as you closed the door behind you an overwhelming feeling of sadness, anger and self blame filled your body. You fell to the ground and just broke down crying in the entry. You screamed as you cried your heart out as if though that will lessen the pain you felt. You screamed like that will somehow fill the emptiness. Like somehow it will heal your now broken heart. Like somehow it will magically make you okay again. You had loved Yoongi more than you have ever loved anyone before. He promised you that he would never hurt you. But in the end they're all the same right? Every boy promises to be by your side when they want something from you. But once they're done with you they throw you away. They set you aside like you were nothing to them. And you're just left there on your own endless pit of despair wondering what you have done wrong for him to leave you. Making you look at yourself and say maybe if I was her. "Maybe if I was as beautiful as Hyeri you would've looked at me that way too..." You said as you brought your knees close to your face as you sat their by the entrance just continuing to cry as you tried to erase any traces of Yoongi still etched in your body, in your heart, and in your soul. Its been a month since you had finally decided to attend classes again. All the friends that Yoongi and you  had shared have been texting and calling you. Asking what happened since they had all witnessed Yoongi flaunting his new girl. Eventually you started to ignore all their texts and calls hoping to forget about the boy. It helped a little. Now you were finally able to attend school. "Y/N! Where have you been? Mrs. Han is so worried but mostly angry at you for skipping out on the presentation last week." You softly smiled at Nana,"I know I'm sorry...just been a rough month..." Nana then pulled you into a tight embrace,"You'll forget about him soon...he was an asshole for doing what he did. But that new girl he's with is not all that. You're MUCH prettier." You hugged back burying your face on her chest,"I love you Nana!" She smiles letting go as you two walk to your afternoon classes together. "So there's this party tonight maybe you should go and find yourself a new beau." You rolled your eyes,"I don't think I am ready to see anyone yet but I'm up to party." Nana then gasped sarcastically,"On a school night. Oh no I think I've become a bad influence on my bestie." You laughed a little. It felt good to finally genuinely laugh. And to be laughing at something other than yourself. "Whatever, but who's going to be there I kind of don't want to see Yoongi and his group." Nana then bit her lip. "Okay but you have already agreed to go so no backing out." You sighed as you slightly nodded skeptically,"Okay..." "It'sNamjoon'sPartysoYoongiandhiscrewmightbethere." You sat there in your seat trying to process what she had just said. "NANA! WHAT THE FUCK!" Now all eyes were on you and with your luck Hyeri and Yoongi had just walked in. You cleared your throat as you avoided Yoongi's gaze and brought your voice to a whisper. "Really? Nana what the fuck? This is just what I needed." "Look I'm sorry...but trust me their will be some really great boys at this party." You chuckled running your hands through your hair in disbelief. "You're so fucking stupid." You and Nana shared a laugh after she stuck her tongue out before Mrs. Han walks into the classroom. Throughout the whole lecture you felt like you were suffocating. Knowing that Yoongi and Hyeri were just right behind you. You looked up at the ceiling as you played with your pencil snapping your head back to the whiteboard as you wrote down all the notes that you had just missed while daydreaming. In what seemed like the longest hours of your life class was finally dismissed. "Babe. Do you even have an outfit?" You looked at Nana a little confused. "For the party." You slowly nodded,"Right I don't know my jacket and jeans?" She scoffed. "We're going shopping right now." You rolled your eyes as she grabbed you by the wrist and before you knew it you were out the door. "Ew no." You let out a groan as you went back into the dressing room to remove the 500th dress that Nana had given you to try on. "Nana it's a house party not the fucking red carpet." "Yeah but you want to flaunt what you got to make Yoongi regret ever dumping your fine ass." You slightly opened the curtain throwing the dress at her as she handed you a black over the shoulder shirt and a high-waisted black skirt. "Shut up. I want this night to be just about me enjoying myself. I've already made the last 3 years about Yoongi. Now that we're over I want to change that okay?" As you stepped out of the dressing room you pulled the shirt down more to cover the exposed skin. "This is a little short don't you think? A part of my tummy is showing." Nana shrugged as she bit her lip,"It's the perfect outfit. Going to make all the boys fall on their knees." You rolled your eyes as you looked in the mirror. You hated to admit it but she was right. It showed some skin but it also left some room for imagination. "We'll take it!" Nana shouted as the lady rung up the shirt, skirt and white converse that she had grabbed while you were getting dressed. "Now the make up and the hair. But I got that handled already." You two had now arrived at Nana's place. Her brother eyes the two of you as you bowed at him. He quietly nodded as you walked past him. After a whole hour and a half. Nana and you were now dressed for the house party. Nana had done your hair and make up. She had pulled back all your hair in a high pony tail to place all the attention on your shoulders and collarbones. For your make up she had done a black and silver eye look with cat eyeliner and a matte plum color for the lips. As she looked over you she didn't look satisfied quite yet."Something is still missing." You groaned again as she searched in her vanity drawer full of necklaces, chokers and earrings. "Ah here." She then got behind you and put on a black thick choker around your neck. "Sexy." You rolled your eyes as she sprayed some perfume on you. "Okay let's go." You admired your look in the mirror, "Wow I look so Nana right now. Not the kind of outfits I usually wear. But maybe I should from now on." She smiled laughing a little,"You should dress yourself like how a girl who wants to be a stylist should." You rolled your eyes,"Hey I know what'll fit my body type I just didn't think that this kind of outfit would." She rolled her eyes as we headed for the door walking right past her brother who looked at the both of us wide-eyed. "What?" "Nothing, just you guys look pretty. Don't get home too late or mom will kill you." You watched as Nana shrugged,"Whatever. We're going." 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