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안녕하세요 친구

yes I know it's not Tuesday but this article popped up and I think well worth sharing.


Here is a screenshot of it:
-The humbleness of this man is sooo beautiful, so human, so rare....he's so pure hearted.


Here's the pic from where he was asked and answered the question...looks like from their latest "weekly idol" recording.

Gotta love Shownu Oppa!

Also show our boys some love on their latest mv "아름다워 "

안녕 몬배배!!

This is why ShowBear is my bias wrecker. I was wondering if you could tag me in anything that has to do with MX please and thanks!
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will do ^_^
9 months ago
Can I be added to your tag list.
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yassss of course
9 months ago
He has such a big heart and is always just such a sweetheart. I love him to so much
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